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While Hernias Are Thought To Be A Men's Health Issue, Women Also Get Them And Can Be Adversely Affected By The Malfunctioning Physiomesh

There are over 200,000 hernia surgeries performed every year and men are 25 times more likely than women to need it

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 - Hernias occur in approximately 1 in 20 individuals and most are not an emergency. The most common form of a hernia is inguinal hernias. Although hernias are not thought of as a woman's problem they do occur much more frequently than are reported. Hernias in women often mask themselves as other problems and are often mistaken for ovarian cysts.

Last week a woman filed suit against Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson claiming that Physiomesh caused her serious injuries. According to the West Virginia Legal Examiner, the plaintiff, a Tennessee woman, underwent surgery to repair an incarcerated ventral incisional hernia in September of 2012. An incisional hernia is a common occurrence as the tissues surrounding surgery have become weakened. An incarcerated hernia is thought of to be one of the few hernias considered an emergency since the tissue death and necrosis can be caused by a lack of blood flow. The plaintiff's hernia was repaired with Physiomesh which deteriorated while inside of her causing other hernias to develop in the surrounding area. Physiomesh failure required a third surgery to finish the revision as parts Physiomesh had broken away and could not be removed the first time. After three surgeries, the plaintiff continues to experience severe pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Women suffering from having to undergo revision surgery can look to the experiences of other women who have had problems with Ethicon's transvaginal mesh device. Plaintiffs are questioning the fast-track 501 k approval process that compared Physiomedh with the transvaginal mesh. Both the transvaginal mesh and Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh share a major polypropylene plastic component, one that scientific studies have shown to degrade when placed within the human body.

The first Ethicon Physiomesh trial is scheduled for September 2019, one year from now. Prior to hernia mesh issues, Johnson & Johnson has settled hundreds of lawsuits for the failure of the transvaginal mesh a mesh support screen similar to Physiomesh. The transvaginal mesh is used to treat the incontinence problems that affect approximately 25% of women. Women with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) experience urine loss during physical activity, coughing, sneezing or laughing. The Transvaginal mesh is a wire screen-like device that is inserted into the vagina to support a weak vaginal wall in order to keep the bladder from pressuring other organs.

As a result of the failure of the transvaginal mesh thousand of women have sued Ethicon and their parent company Johnson & Johnson claiming that the device was compromised by the body's immune system and disintegrated or otherwise weakened causing it to pull away and land painfully in another part of the abdomen or reproductive system. Women who are suffering from Physiomesh hernia mesh failure should consult with a Physiomesh attorney to see if they qualify to file a claim as others have done for monetary compensation.

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