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Update For Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Patients and Plaintiffs

Trials are set to begin in September 2020, for individuals that have had to have a hernia mesh revision surgery

Thursday, July 16, 2020 - Thousands of individuals have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of the failed hernia repair mesh medical device claiming that it caused them constant pain and sometimes much worse. Studies point out that approximately one-third of all hernia mesh devices fail to perform as advertised. Most hernia repair mesh devices are made from materials like polypropylene plastic that is incompatible with organic human tissue over long periods.

Lawsuits have been filed against Ethicon Inc., a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of medical devices manufacturers, for bringing to market the failed and recalled Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh. The plaintiffs claim that the Physiomesh Mesh sometimes degrades into pieces that were free to move within the body and damage other organs. There are currently around 3000 pending personal injury lawsuits against Ethicon for rushing a defective product to market according to Physiomesh was approved for sale by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2010 using the 510(k) fast-track approval process that circumvents the costs and delays of pre-market human testing and instead rushes the product immediately to market. All a company has to do to get their medical device to market using this method is to show that the device is similar to one already on the market, even if the medical device being compared to has failed and been recalled. Physiomesh has had so many complaints in Europe, alleging the hernia mesh caused constant, excruciating pain, and requiring additional revision surgery that in 2016, Ethicon was forced to voluntarily recall Physiomesh. As more and more of the millions of hernia repair mesh devices fail each year, patients are left with the difficult decision of how to protect their health and their financial well-being.

Individuals that consult with their original hernia repair physician complaining of pain are often met with skepticism from doctors who have no idea how to remove the hernia repair mesh and are often protecting their practice from potential litigation. If you are having problems with your hernia repair mesh consult a Physiomesn Hernia Mesh Lawyer for a free consultation. Patients report having to have multiple hernia mesh revision surgeries to locate and remove the main piece of the device, fragments of the device, and to re-repair the hernia. So many lawsuits are anticipated in the future that potential plaintiffs are required to tell their physician and the hospital is required to comply, to preserve the removed hernia repair mesh device and pieces that were removed and to send the specimens to Steelgate Inc., a Florida USA biomedical storage device facility, to be used in court. Hernia mesh trials are tentatively slated to begin in September 2020 but could be delayed due to the Covid19 pandemic. Plaintiffs claim that their hernia mesh device has degraded, corroded, hardened, and broken into pieces causing constant extreme pain, infections, and autoimmune system problems like skin rashes. The most severe is bowel perforation that can cause feces to leak back into the abdominal cavity and stomach. One sign that this has occurred is extreme pain accompanies by nausea and vomiting.

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