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Traditional Hernia Repair Doctors Think Physiomesh May Be Unnecessary

Old-fashioned hernia repair surgeons are left cleaning up the mess left by the faulty, malfunctioning Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair device

Monday, July 23, 2018 - Historically speaking, hernia repair surgery is one of the most common, routine and successfully performed surgeries. Today, hernia repair surgery is performed using Laparoscopy which requires only a small incision, around 1/2 a centimeter making recovery quick and easy. Hernias are a relatively minor issue except when the organ becomes twisted called an inguinal hernia, and tissue death occurs. Inguinal hernias are extremely painful and there is no mistaking that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Over 300,000 hernia repair surgeries are performed each year, mostly on men, with little or no complications or adverse side effects. And then came Physiomesh.

Leave it to a medical device manufacturer to seek to make a profit by providing a solution where there is no problem. Physiomesh is a flexible mesh device that resembles a cutout from a screen door. Physiomesh is interwoven with partially-absorbable, Polypropylene fibers for added strength. The hernia repair screen is placed over a surgically-repaired hernia for reinforcement and support and the irritant fibers cause sufficient inflammation to create scar tissue holding the device place. Polypropylene, however, has been shown to degrade as the body's natural defense mechanism views it as a foreign object and attacks it. Physiomesh polypropylene shrinks, crumples, buckles and weakens, separating from a hernia and migrating to other parts within the abdominal cavity. Surgeons performing Physiomesh revision surgery report finding Physiomesh or Physiomesh fragments as far away from the site of an original hernia as the lower intestines where it causes painful and dangerous perforations and blockages. Complicated Physiomesh revision surgery is required when Physiomesh patients are left in constant, chronic pain, infections, abdominal weakness, and tissue damage after what should have been routine surgery. Surgeons that specializes in traditional hernia repair have had to pick up the pieces for Physiomesh doctors unwilling or unable to perform revision surgeries to find and remove Physiomesh and repair a hernia a second time. Some Physiomesh revision surgery doctors claim that up to 20% of Physiomesh patients need revision surgery, such a high number that in 2016, Ethicon made to decision to voluntarily take its highly profitable Physiomesh product off of the market on a permanent basis.

Physiomesh patients requiring revision surgery need not go it alone. There are a number of experienced and knowledgeable Physiomesh hernia attorneys that can help you to file a claim against Ethicon and its parent company Johnson & Johnson for rushing a faulty and malfunctioning medical device to market without adequately testing it first. Physiomesh attorneys have drawn a parallel between Ethicon's Physiomesh Composite hernia device and Ethicon's Transvaginal Mesh, a product the company was forced to recall years earlier. Both medical devices were designed to support surgically-repaired areas and both contained polypropylene and other petroleum-based plastics that were intolerable in the human body. Both the transvaginal mesh and Physiomesh causes pain, infection, organ perforation and internal bleeding.

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