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Think Twice Before Agreeing To Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery

Hernia mesh doctors lack the experience to use modern laparoscopic equipment

Friday, July 31, 2020 - Thousands of hernia repair patients that have experienced medical complications from their hernia mesh have called on Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Attorneys for guidance in filing lawsuits against Ethicon Inc., the maker of the failed and recalled Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Mesh. Millions of individuals have seen their doctors switch from using tried and true natural-tissue hernia repair and conventional surgical techniques to a modern and profitable for the doctor and hospital, hernia repair mesh inserted using laparoscopic surgery.

Two catastrophic problems are occurring, however, regarding modern hernia repair procedure. The first is that young doctors may not have the requisite 600-plus hours of surgical experience necessary to operate the sophisticated laparoscopic hernia repair equipment safely, and numerous medical complications can result. The National Institute of Health writes, "Excluding laparoscopic access associated injuries, intraoperative complications include bladder injury, injury to the epigastric vessels and the spermatic cord. Perhaps the most relevant postoperative complication is a recurrence of the inguinal hernia." Also, doctors may underestimate the "healing time" and post-operative rest that a laparoscopic patient may require. Doctors tell their patients that laparoscopy entails a smaller surgical incision therefore healing time is reduced, however, the time it takes for the internal surgical hernia repair to heal and the plastic hernia mesh to adhere to the underlying tissues could be as long or longer than traditional hernia repair surgery. Resuming normal physical activity based on the time it takes for the outer surgical incision to heal could cause hernia repair mesh to pull free and travel within the body causing catastrophic injuries to the intestines and bowel and make finding and removing the device difficult. Rushing back to normal physical activity prematurely could cause the hernia to reoccur and require a second surgery. The other problem is with hernia mesh itself.

From the very beginning, hernia repair mesh was made from a composite of two materials, one of which is polypropylene. Experts point to the unstable nature of polypropylene as the cause of hernia repair mesh degrading when placed inside the human body and attacked by the body's natural defenses. has written extensively and summaries the body of research that is available about polypropylene's (hernia repair mesh) compatibility with human tissue. "literature suggests various degrees of degradation, including depolymerization, cross-linking, oxidative degradation by free radicals, additive leaching, hydrolysis, stress cracking and mesh shrinkage along with infection, chronic inflammation and the stimulation of sclerosis. Many substances added to polypropylene for various purposes during manufacture behave as toxic substances that are released during the degradation process. "

If you or a loved one has undergone laparoscopic hernia repair surgery using hernia repair mesh, and have experienced post-operative pain that required surgery you should consider speaking with a Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Attorney. Hernia mesh patients that undergo surgery to remove a defective hernia repair mesh should advise their doctors that they must preserve the medical device intact and send it to a specific Florida medical device storage facility as potential evidence.

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