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The World's Leading Hernia Repair Hospital Questions Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Techniques

Laparoscopic hernia repair techniques using hernia repair mesh devices are often touted as safer and less invasive but in fact, are so difficult to perform that few doctors do them correctly

Monday, April 8, 2019 - In order to best understand the relative differences between laparoscopic hernia repair mesh and all-natural tissue hernia repair surgery, one simply has to review what the expert in the field has to say. Shouldice Hospital in Canada is the only hospital in the world that is dedicated to natural tissue open hernia repair and has been for over 70 years. Doctors at Shouldice shy away from laparoscopic hernia repair techniques because first of all, the procedure "requires general anesthesia" anyway including all the risks inherent therein, and also because laparoscopy "involves penetration of the abdominal cavity." Shouldice claims that laparoscopy is so technically difficult to perform correctly that it takes over 600 surgeries, on average, for a doctor to become proficient in using the equipment and that "intra-operative complications arising from damaging internal organs during surgery" occur frequently. Shouldice points out that laparoscopy leaves internal scars which can become a weak spot where incision hernias can occur, accounting for laparoscopy's 100% greater hernia recurrence rate. Shouldice cites that because of the complications that occur and difficulty in performing the procedure, only 10-15% of hernia surgeries are performed by laparoscopy today. National hernia mesh attorneys represent families and individuals harmed by a hernia mesh device.

The hernia repair experts at Shouldice use only natural tissue hernia repair techniques in over 98% of hernia cases and do not advocate the use of polypropylene hernia mesh devices which can corrode, degrade, disintegrate, leach dangerous chemicals into the bloodstream, and generally migrate within the body. Shouldice warns patients that introducing a (petroleum-based) foreign object into the body can be fraught with medical complications. "Hernia repairs performed at Shouldice Hospital are exceptionally safe, secure and reliable. Although there are inherent risks in any surgery, there are no similar or comparable risks in natural tissue hernia repair versus mesh. Scar tissue of natural tissue left in place represents no risk, while mesh left behind can continue its erosion and potential migration within the body. " In fact, such a high percentage of Ethicon's Physiomesh hernia repair mesh had to be replaced with revision surgeries, Johnson & Johnson voluntarily pulled the product from the market. Hernia repair mesh migration can perforate the bowels causing the organ to not only bleed profusely but also to release feces into the stomach that often are expelled through vomiting.

Doctors at Shouldice also are experts in hernia repair mesh removal but caution patients that there are many factors that can complicate hernia mesh removal. These complications include "where the mesh was originally laid, the size of the mesh, the type of mesh, the extent of the inflammatory reaction and of the mesh's migration within the body over time, how long the mesh has been inside your body, and the degree of invasion of nerves and organs which have become adherent to the mesh thus initiating erosion into the adjacent tissues." Shouldice warns that the amount of pain relief from hernia repair mesh will vary with the degree of complications and will vary patient to patient.

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