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The Number of Hernia Repair Mesh Complaints is Increasing Every Day

As time goes on, more and more hernia repair mesh devices will fail for many reasons

Thursday, March 5, 2020 - The number of hernia mesh lawsuits is expected to skyrocket in the coming years as more and more faulty and defective hernia repair devices fail and injure unsuspecting patients. Manufacturers are being held liable by plaintiffs that have experienced infections, extreme pain, blocked and perforated bowels, and many other problems including allergic reactions and autoimmune complications. Several models of hernia mesh made from polypropylene plastic, a material that may degrade when placed within the human body, are the focus of thousands of lawsuits that are pending against companies like Ethicon, a division of the Johnson & Johnson medical devices group. Others are suing surgeons and hospitals in addition to hernia repair mesh manufacturers for not having the requisite training or experience to implant hernia mesh properly using laparoscopic surgery. Physiomesh hernia lawsuits are handled by top national attorneys offering free consultation and no obligation to file a lawsuit claim.

Studies abroad in Europe indicate that 33% or more hernia mesh procedures may fail and cause patients to undergo one or more, sometimes many more, hernia revision surgeries to locate and remove the many fragments their hernia mesh may have disintegrated into. Polypropylene mesh used for hernia repair was repurposed as vaginal support mesh until the product was banned and pulled from the US market for the medical problems it was causing women and there is every indication that hernia repair mesh, being the same product used for similar purposes, will meet a similar fate.

Plaintiffs seek lump sum compensation that includes compensatory and punitive monetary damages that could be in the tens of millions of dollars for the suffering they have had to endure from hernia repair mesh implant. Juries have awarded women damaged by vaginal support mesh millions for the permanent and irreversible incontinence they have suffered due to their failing device. Signs and symptoms that may indicate that your body is rejecting your plastic hernia repair mesh include redness, swelling, tenderness, and infection at and around the site of the incision, sharp, stabbing pain performing routine movements, and flu-like symptoms.

Plaintiffs have sought monetary damages as reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages and loss of consortium, also up to ten times that amount to punish the manufacturer, doctor, and hospital's negligence in failing to warn the patient of the impending medical disaster that could await them. Hernia patients include professional and recreational athletes that are left weaklings from the constant excruciating pain they experience when making the slightest movement.

If you suffer acute, chronic pain or life-threatening bowel perforation after having hernia mesh surgery you may consider consulting a hernia mesh attorney to determine if you qualify to file a claim. Hernia mesh patients are never out of the woods as the medical device could fail immediately or years later and hundreds of thousands of hernia mesh repair patients are expected to require revision surgery sometime in the future, a fact that mesh surgeons conveniently fail to highlight.

To make matters much worse, most hernia repair surgeons are failing to admit that hernia mesh malfunction is the source of a patient's pain and suffering and patients are often told that they are crazy, or the pain is just "in their head" and sent home with the misdiagnosis.

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