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Senator Rand Paul Chooses a Canadian Hospital Specializing in Non-Mesh Hernia Repair

Those in the know choose the world's best hospitals which in turn shun using hernia mesh for their hernia repair operations

Saturday, January 19, 2019 - High-level politicians are privy to information that never makes its way to the average citizen through the media. Sometimes it is better to watch what a person in the know is doing rather than to listen to their words which may be limited to only what they are allowed to say. Now I am not saying that there is any great conspiracy going on here, however, it is interesting to note that US Senator Rand Paul has elected to travel to a private hospital in Canada in order to have his hernia repair surgery performed without using hernia mesh, rather than accept free treatment right here in the United States. Senator Paul is an outspoken critic of universal or socialized medicine and is covered by the best health insurance plan on available. The Senator will foot the bill for the private health session estimated to be around $10,000. CNN is reporting that rather than risk his health by using a US doctor that most likely would insist on using a hernia mesh repair device, Paul is traveling to Shouldice Hernia Hospital in Ontario, Canada, "a private, world-renowned hospital separate from any system and people come from around the world to pay cash for their services," according to his spokesperson. According to the news agency, "Shouldice Hernia Hospital is the global leader in non-mesh hernia repair, operating for more than 70 years." Senator Paul has said that his hernia is so bad that it felt like he was being stabbed by knives and that he was in constant pain and could barely move. Ethicon hernia mesh attorneys represent patients affected by the hernia mesh side effects and complications.

The only explanation I can think of is that the Senator has the option and the financial means to choose what insiders have determined is the best hernia repair hospital on our continent without traveling a prohibitive distance. Also of important note is that this prestigious hospital chooses to forgo using hernia mesh in its hernia repair operations. And as if someone may question the importance placed by the hospital in avoiding the use of hernia mesh, the Shouldice Hernia Hospital Website headline banner reads: "For over 70 years, we have been the only licensed hospital in the world dedicated to repairing hernias. More than 98% of our cases are performed with our natural tissue technique...without the use of mesh." In addition, Shouldice founder Dr. Edward Earle Shouldice makes it clear in no uncertain terms that hernia mesh is a poorly conceived medical device concept with the potential to do great harm to simple hernia patients. For over 70 years surgical teams at Shouldice, "have performed over 380,000 successful hernia repairs using our natural tissue technique without the use of surgical mesh and its serious complications."

Senator Paul is smart to avoid US doctors that will most certainly push using hernia mesh in order to pay their bill and maximize their profits. Doing so, however, may put the health and wellbeing of their hernia repair patients at risk. Shouldice Hospital also proves that hernia repair mesh is widely unnecessary to repair the majority of abdominal hernias.

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