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Polypropylene Rejection by the Human Body May Causes Physiomesh Failure

When a foreign object such as a petroleum-based plastic is placed inside the human body there is the likelihood that it will be attacked and rejected by the natural response mechanisms of the human body

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - The Physiomesh Flexible composite mesh has been used during minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery to repair hundreds of thousands of hernias. Unfortunately, high percentage of hernia re-occurrences forced Ethicon Inc., maker of Physiomesh Composite hernia mesh, to issue a market withdrawal of the medical device. A market withdrawal is similar to a recall in that all medical personnel are required to cease using the medical device and return any unused product to the company immediately. The company issuing the market withdrawal is not required to give a specific reason for taking the product off of the market.

Physiomesh patients were left in extreme pain when the device failed to adhere to a hernia, broke apart, and migrated to other parts of the abdomen, requiring painful, expensive and dangerous revision surgeries. During a revision surgery, Physiomesh is usually removed and the hernia repaired once again, this time using traditional hernia repair techniques. Quite often Physiomesh will migrate and perforate the intestine. Revision surgery then requires the removal of a section of the underlying organ in addition to retrieving the Physiomesh device. Revision surgery is no guarantee that a doctor can find and remove all of the broken pieces of a Physiomesh. Physiomesh can become lodged in any organ within the abdominal cavity and encased in scar tissue. Removal of Physiomesh could require the removal of the underlying organ. When Physiomesh does remain in place it may shrink or crumple, allowing a hernia to reoccur.

Patients that have had to undergo Physiomesh revision surgery have hired Physiomesh attorneys to file claims in an attempt to receive the compensation they deserve. Years earlier, Ethicon's transvaginal mesh product was held liable for causing incontinence in women when the device failed to adhere to a woman's underlying tissue, similar to the problems caused by Physiomesh. Polypropylene was cited as the cause of the failure of the device. Plastic experts testified that Polypropylene is unstable and never intended to be used within the human body.

Physiomesh was rushed to market under controversial circumstances. Using the FDA's 501 (k) fast-track program, a medical device can evade FDA pre-market testing and proceed directly for sale if the manufacturer can show that the device is substantially similar to one like it already on the market.

Plastic polypropylene fibers woven throughout the Ethicon Physiomesh are intended to create inflammation in the underlying tissue triggering the body's natural response mechanisms to form scar tissue and hold Physiomesh in place. When attacked by the body's natural immune system, polypropylene tends to shrink, buckle, crumple, and disintegrate into multiple pieces causing the original hernia to reopen. Polypropylene also triggers the body's autoimmune system and patients have reported flu-like symptoms including severe, crippling pain after having Physiomesh implanted.

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