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Physiomesh Patients Subjected to Revision Surgery

An abnormally high number of Ethicon Physiomesh patients are forced to have the device removed and their hernia repair surgery performed using traditional methods

Sunday, May 13, 2018 - No one expects to be forced to undergo a second painful, dangerous, and expensive surgery to repair the damage done by a first surgery, but that is exactly what has happened to thousands of hernia patients whose doctors used the Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Mesh. As a result of so many revision surgeries, Johnson & Johnson forced its subsidiary Ethicon Inc., maker of Physiomesh, to issue a global "market withdrawal" of all units of Physiomesh in May of 2016. According to studies done in Germany and Denmark, revision surgeries for Physiomesh are more than double those of competitive hernia repair mesh products on the market. As a result of these studies, the Health Agency of Switzerland issued an urgent field safety notice to all operating room supervisors, medical materials management staff, and all chiefs of surgery alerting them of the study's results.

It is widely believed that Johnson & Johnson was negligent in rushing Physiomesh to market in early 2010 under the FDA's 501(k) program without first performing clinical research. In an attempt to encourage their hernia mesh device to more naturally adhere to the site of a hernia, Ethicon scientists re-engineered their flexible hernia patch to include layers of Monocryl encasing a non-absorbable polypropylene fabric. The company is believed to have circumvented standard FDA requirements placed on medical devices by successfully proving that the product was substantially similar to other composite hernia mesh products already tested and on the market. The basic difference between Physiomesh and others on the market is its polypropylene composition.

Scientists now believe that the Polypropylene coating on the mesh could be one of the causes of the rapid failure of the mesh. Physiomesh has been shown to shrink, buckle, and dislodge itself from the hernia site where it was originally placed and intended to stay. Instead, the device migrates within the body and often perforates other tissues and organs causing constant and extreme pain. Polypropylene is likely causing abscesses, infections, and encasement in scar tissue. Doctors attempting to remove Physiomesh first have to find it... and when they do attempt to remove it often have to also remove the organ to which it has become encased with scar tissue.

Hundreds of hernia mesh lawsuits against Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson are now being organized throughout the country in multi-district litigation. Based on pre-trial proceedings and discovery a federal judge has ruled that the trials can proceed and the first bellwether Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Hernia Mesh trial is scheduled for September of 2019. If you have had hernia surgery using Physiomesh and have experienced additional pain, infections, swelling near the incision, pain in other parts of the body due to the migration of Physiomesh, internal bleeding, allergic or autoimmune reaction, or any other adverse unforeseen side effect of Physiomesh you may qualify to hire a Physiomesh attorney and file a claim and seek the compensation you deserve.

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