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Physiomesh Hernia Repair Trial To Begin on March 18

Thousands accuse Ethicon of failing to test the hernia repair mesh device adequately

Monday, February 1, 2021 - Bellwether Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh trials will begin on March 18 of this year and each month thereafter, according to a schedule released the other day in federal court. U.S. District Judge Richard Story in the Northern District of Georgia has selected several cases to test the efficacy of the allegations against Ethicon Inc., and by default, their parent company Johnson & Johnson, regarding how the Ethicon Physiomesh Dual-Sided Hernia Repair Mesh caused patients bodily injuries. Over 3000 people have filed lawsuits, consolidated into multidistrict litigation, against Ethicon Inc. with thousands more against other manufacturers. The case will focus on the allegations made against Ethicon by Jim and Diane Crumbley and may test jury reactions to the evidence. Mr. Crumbley and others allege that their Physiomesh hernia repair mesh failed by buckling, crumpling, or otherwise degrading, requiring multiple surgeries to locate and remove the foreign object. There have been reports that pieces of calcified hernia repair mesh can migrate to the lower intestines and bowels and perforate or block them, resulting in infection, internal bleeding, and chronic pain. Mr. Crumpley alleges that fragments of the hernia mesh that remain within his body are causing adverse medical complications that continue to the present day. Physiomesh Hernia Mesh failure attorneys are currently interviewing potential plaintiffs that have had complications after undergoing hernia repair mesh surgery on a contingency basis.

Adding to the credibility of hernia mesh plaintiffs accusations is that Physiomesh Hernia repair mesh was voluntarily recalled by Ethicon in 2016 after multiple complaints were made in Europe to Herniamed, a repository of hernia mesh failure reports from patients and doctors. The agency reported an alarmingly high percentage of Physiomesh hernia mesh repairs that required second or more surgery to locate and retrieve pieces of the degraded mesh. Medical experts in Europe suspect that failed hernia repair mesh could affect up to one in every three of the millions of hernia repair mesh procedures performed every year within ten years of the initial surgery. Governments in Europe fear that a catastrophic health crisis could be waiting in the future and cost society billions of dollars. Hernia repair mesh is intended to be permanent, however, many fail around the ten-year mark post-surgery and require revision surgery.

One of the scientific facts that are sure to be challenged is the type of material comprising Physiomesh. Some experts believe that Polypropylene plastics are incompatible with human tissue and degrades when placed inside the human body. Physiomesh could be attacked by the body's natural autoimmune response. The petroleum-based polypropylene may release chemicals into the body that could be carcinogenic. Another topic that is sure to be explored at trial is the physical condition of the mesh retrieved during revision surgery. Hospitals performing revision hernia mesh surgery to retrieve Ethicon and other hernia repair mesh devices have been required to immediately send the device to a secure medical storage facility in Florida, USA. The condition of the plaintiff's hernia repair mesh and the doctor's report at the time of removing the hernia mesh will likely be placed into evidence.

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