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One Hernia Repair Expert Would Never Use Physiomesh

Physiomesh and other composite hernia repair mesh devices are looked upon as little more than a gimmick by experienced, seasoned hernia repair specialists

Thursday, July 19, 2018 - If one is looking for expert medical advice and opinion on the relative safety of Physiomesh Composite hernia mesh, look no further than Dr. Robert Bendavid, a leading Canadian hernia surgeon. According to, Dr. Bendavid's credentials include being the past president of the American Hernia Society. BenDavid's hospital in Ontario Canada specializes in hernia repair and he has performed thousands of successful hernia repair surgeries, never using a hernia repair mesh device citing an abnormally high number of adverse events that occur, as high as 20% of patients that use them. Dr. Bendavid finds fault with doctors that continue to use hernia mesh devices and once said, "If the various meshes were as safe as the industry claims them to be, why are there hundreds of thousands of patients involved in class actions, resulting in billions of dollars in fines?" Bendavid also thinks that polypropylene is the culprit behind hernia mesh failures as the body treats this material as it would any foreign object and attacks it. also serves as a forum for polypropylene hernia mesh patients to express their thoughts on their hernia repair experience. One woman wrote "I have been given 3 types of polypropylene hernia mesh, all withdrawn as 'not safe for use'. After each failure I was not advised that it was the mesh that was causing the problem, in some strange way, I felt that maybe it was I (or my body that was at fault). It was 2 years ago that I was implanted with my final mesh. I was very very ill post-surgery, with several infections, and very quickly seroma and cysts began forming."

Another polypropylene hernia mesh patient describes his experience. "I have had bilateral inguinal hernia repair with mesh that has ruined my life. Terrible stuff, have had to have a second operation to remove some of the mesh that had moved and remove inflamed tissues. The tissue, nerve tissues and lymph nodes that had to be removed at the second operation came back from histology with a diagnosis of " foreign body reaction to surgical mesh". I have permanent nerve damage and am in constant pain and discomfort."

Another wrote "Not good news. I had a laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair with mesh (in Oct 2017) and it lasted about 7 weeks, after a long recovery, the hernia came back. I have continual and varying discomfort, more than before the op(operation)."

Every day, hernia patients suffering from the pain of having to have a second, expensive and dangerous surgery to remove their polypropylene hernia repair mesh and fix their hernia are consulting with Physiomesh hernia attorneys seeking to join the more than 400 Physiomesh lawsuits that have been consolidated for pre-trial motions and discovery purposes in multi-district litigation. The makers of Physiomesh, Ethicon Inc., and their parent company Johnson & Johnson pulled Physiomesh off of the market with a voluntary market withdrawal in 2016 by issuing an Urgent Field Safety Notice, an extreme measure for a company making millions of dollars selling the medical device.


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