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New Hernia Mesh Products Highlight Hernia Mesh Failure

New hernia repair mesh products seek to reduce the unacceptably high rate of failures that require revision surgery.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - It can be difficult to get the facts regarding hernia repair mesh failures because doctors that perform hernia repair using surgical mesh are less than forthcoming in admitting that the medical device they recommended and implanted failed and is the source of a patient's pain and internal injuries. When hernia repair mesh breaks free from above a surgically repaired hernia it can travel far down into the lower intestines, lacerating tissues and causing internal bleeding along the way becoming trapped in the lower intestines and colon, and can cause life-threatening blockages. Patients that report chronic intense pain from hernia mesh failure are often greeted with total denial when they approach the doctor that implanted the hernia mesh.

Hernia mesh doctors rarely take responsibility for failed hernia mesh and tell their patient that there must be another cause of their discomfort or that the pain is psychosomatic (all in their head). Approximately 3000 hernia mesh patients have filed suit against Ethicon Inc., the maker of the failed and recalled Physiomesh hernia repair mesh. Ethicon is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, a company known for having settled tens of thousands of lawsuits suits that claim another product, the vaginal support mesh, failed women similarly, and caused similar catastrophic organ laceration and blockage injuries. Hernia repair mesh is nearly identical to the failed vaginal support mesh in its size, shape, composition, and manufacturer. Experts agree that most companies selling hernia repair mesh merely repurposed their vaginal support mesh or visa versa. It is more than likely that companies like Johnson & Johnson cited hernia repair mesh when seeking FDA fast-track approval for the trans-vaginal mesh as being "substantially similar."

Other companies have redesigned hernia repair mesh seeking to identify and fix the problems that caused hernia repair mesh high failure rate. Hernia repair mesh doctors have been telling their patients that hernia mesh failure rate is only 2-3 percent, while some experts in the field claim it could be as high as 33 percent. New hernia repair mesh coming to market today seeks to add multiple contact points for the mesh to adhere to the underlying tissues giving it a better chance to become absorbed into the tissue. DeepBlue Medical Inc. has recently received FDA approval for its T-Line hernia repair mesh. According to (HM), the device uses "medical-grade polypropylene mono-filament yarn" woven into the body of the mesh, and the device features multiple contact points sewn into underlying tissue. The new device claims to reduce stress at the contact points by having more surface contact creating a "snowshoe" effect. The company claims that the new construction will help prevent the most common complaints registered by previous hernia repair mesh patients. "This eliminates a key point of failure for conventional mesh fixation, which often leads to mesh migration, contraction, and eventual failure," according to HM.

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