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More and More Hernia Surgeons Also Remove Failed Hernia Mesh Devices

Hernia mesh is known to reduce the rate of hernia re-occurrence but at the cost of potentially more serious medical consequences

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - An unacceptably high level of hernia mesh removal surgeries prompted Ethicon to voluntarily withdraw their Physiomesh hernia repair device from the market several years ago. The high revision surgery rate was not an anomaly and in the years since then, the high rate has continued. Today, so many hernia repairs have been performed using hernia repair mesh, and so many have failed, it would be hard to find a hernia repair surgeon that does not also have experience removing the device.

The Shouldice Hernia Hospital in Canada is the world's leader in hernia repair surgery using natural tissues and traditional repair methods. Hernia doctors there may be experiencing an ever-growing number of hernia mesh patient from the United States and elsewhere that travel there to have the failed hernia mesh removed and the hernia repair surgery to be performed properly. When hernia mesh degrades it can migrate around the abdominal cavity and cause nerve damage and perforate any internal organ it comes into contact with. Hernia repair mesh will often degrade into multiple pieces that can be difficult to locate. Removing hernia mesh that has migrated can also be complicated by the infections that it has caused along the way as the body tries to expel the foreign object. Women that have reported and filed claims with Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair device attorneys and received free consultations from top national lawyers representing Ethicon mesh repair cases.

Shouldice Hernia Hospital reports that they are successful about 90% of the time in fully removing a hernia repair device, significantly reducing the patient's pain. For some, however, the pain will remain the same or even increase as not every piece of the broken hernia mesh can be found and retrieved. Another serious complication of hernia mesh migration can be when a sharp piece of the mesh migrates and lacerates or strangulates a major blood vessel making retrieval even more complex. Some hernia mesh removals fail as it may be too entrapped by blood vessels or nerves. Quite often removing hernia repair mesh entails also removing a section of a patient lower intestines or bowels that have been compromised by the mesh.

Another unadvertised side effect of hernia mesh is the fact that hernia revision surgery recovery time can be much greater than the original hernia repair surgery. Since hernia revision surgeries, as well as surgery in general, often involve the patient developing an infection, a patient can be laid up for weeks if not months until the infection is cleared up, allowing for the hernia to be repaired a second time. If an organ or section of the bowels of intestines have to be removed to get the mesh device one can add another month or two to the recovery time.

When an individual agrees to initially have hernia repair surgery using hernia mesh, they never think to question whether or not the mesh is needed in the first place. These same trusting patients do not expect to have to undergo a second, third, or fourth round of surgery to remove the device and start again. All in all, hernia removal surgery can be seriously life-threatening and additionally include all the risks that the surgery itself entails.

As an upshot of all of this, one should consider asking the doctor that is recommending using hernia repair mesh if he also has experience in removing the failed mesh and if he does not it might be a good idea to see another doctor

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