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More and More Hernia Patients Are Avoiding Surgeons That Insist On Using Hernia Repair Mesh

Hernia repair patients should have the latest information before agreeing to one type of hernia repair surgery or another

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - If you are one of the millions of individuals contemplating having hernia repair surgery you need to know all of your options. There are basically two types of hernia repair techniques to choose from. One is traditional and the other entails using a hernia repair mesh to support the surgically repaired area. Both traditional and mesh techniques may or may not use laparoscopy to minimize surgical incision. Doctors performing hernia repair are split over which method is better. In general, natural techniques require many times more revision surgeries to repair hernias that reoccur, while using mesh reduces hernia recurrence, however, hernia mesh failure is much more complicated and serious. No matter the odds you chose, you to have a right to make a well-informed decision. You should know the pros and cons of both methods.

Hernia repair mesh has come under increased scrutiny over the last few years as the product has been compared to the failed transvaginal mesh. Thousands of women have had the mesh implanted in them after childbirth to support their pelvic organs and alleviate urinary incontinence. The pelvic mesh was made from the same petroleum-based plastic called polypropylene that is suspected to lose its strength and flexibility over time when attacked as a foreign object by the body's natural immune system. Hernia mesh, like pelvic mesh, degrades, shrinks, buckles, fractures and pulls free from the area around the hernia that it was intended to support. Women filing claims against their pelvic mesh manufacturers have reported painful cramping and bleeding as the failed mesh device migrates and perforates other organs. Hernia mesh, like pelvic mesh removal, often requires a revision surgery that entails removing the underlying tissues or the entire organ the device has become embedded in. Hernia mesh can block the intestines and the bowels causing feces to leak into the abdominal cavity and stomach. As with any medical device that is inserted into the body, the incidences of infection are much higher as well. Ethicon hernia mesh lawyers representing patients that suffered from failed Physiomesh composite hernia repair devices and offer a free consultation.

Doctors have been using traditional techniques to surgically repair hernias for decades yet many have switched to using hernia mesh devices. Newer doctors call hernia mesh the "gold standard" yet more and more hernia repair meshes are failing, resulting in near-emergencies that require the location of the device and its removal. Hernia repair mesh is the subject of outright scandal in the United Kingdom as it is feared that hundreds of thousands of repair mesh devices may fail in the coming years. Surgeons are being retrained and urged to add hernia revision surgery to their list of surgeries that they normally perform. Perhaps most scandalous is the fact that so few hernia repair patients even knew that they had a choice to have surgery that did not incorporate the frequently-failing medical device.

In May of 2016, Ethicon, one of the companies comprising the Johnson & Johnson medical devices group, voluntarily withdrew the Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair device from the market worldwide and permanently when German regulators were alerted to a high percentage of the devices were failing and requiring revision surgery.

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