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Leading Hernia Repair Doctor Answers Hernia Repair Questions

The more one knows about the potential benefits and risks of hernia repair surgery, the more informed decision can be made

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - Nearly everyone knows of someone who has to cope with the complications that a hernia injury presents. Most hernias develop in the core of the abdomen or lower and the weakening makes hundreds of other everyday activities like sitting up or any outdoor activity like hiking or biking painful and difficult. Hernia pain is rarely so intense that it needs to be taken care of immediately with surgery, however, a hernia will never repair itself. Hernias only worsen over time and that leads to the question: "When is the optimal time to have the condition treated? The answer may be as unique as is each individual but a good rule of thumb is that if the hernia is preventing you from leading the active lifestyle you have grown accustomed to or if the hernia is causing more pain than you are comfortable dealing with, you should probably take care of it.

Fixing a hernia was historically the routine surgical procedure of same-day surgery in most cases and the patient would be up and around in about two weeks and good as new in a month. Rehabilitation from hernia surgery was a lot like a patient with an artificial knee or hip in that hiring a professional physical therapist experienced in hernia rehabilitation could slowly and surely guide one to do the exercises required to ensure a proper recovery. Doing too much too soon could force the hernia to reoccur and necessitate revision surgery. Quicker recovery time and a lesser chance of needing revision surgery are two factors that doctors cited around twenty years ago when they adopted laparoscopic hernia repair surgery using hernia repair mesh. Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair lawsuits represented by top national attorneys offer a no obligation and free consultation before filing a claim.

While some hospitals think that hernia repair mesh causes more problems than it solves, and other hospitals swear its features and benefits. One hospital I read about claims both methods of hernia repair can have relative merits and drawbacks, and each case depends on the individual. Doctors at Stonybrook have experience in both natural tissue and hernia mesh repair surgery. Stonybrook.edy has interesting statistics on many aspects of the procedure. According to the website, "Hernias are a common health problem, with more than one million hernia repairs performed each year in the United States. Approximately 800,000 are done to fix hernias in the groin, and the rest are for other types of hernias in the abdomen."

Dr. Andrew T. Bates is a Board Certified Surgeon with laparoscopic hernia repair mesh experience and quotes the decreases in revision surgeries as a reason to consider the procedure. When asked about the advantages of using mesh in hernia repair, Dr. Bates replied: "Decades ago, hernia repairs were performed by simply suturing the hernia closed. For some types of hernias, this repair resulted in 25-50% of hernias later returning. Mesh changed that. By using mesh, the chance of hernia recurrence dropped to the low single-digits."

Dr. Bates also stresses that using hernia repair mesh is not without potential complications. "Mesh is a foreign body that your body incorporates to help strengthen the repair. However, being a foreign body, it can also become infected if it becomes contaminated either at the time of surgery or later. This may require mesh removal. Mesh placed inside the abdomen can also lead to scar tissue, or adhesion, a formation that can predispose patients to bowel obstruction down the road."

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