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Lawsuits Are Being Finalized For Hernia Repair Mesh Victims

There is still time to contact a hernia mesh attorney to file a claim

Monday, June 8, 2020 - Thousands of lawsuits are being filed in every state in the US alleging companies like Ethicon Inc, CR Bard, and Atrium, among many others of being negligent in rushing a faulty medical device to market and also for failing to warn patients of the potential for the hernia repair mesh device to cause severe, life-threatening medical complications. Bellwether lawsuits are scheduled to begin in September of this year. If you or a loved one has been injured by a faulty hernia repair mesh device you still have time to consult with a hernia mesh attorney to see if you qualify to file a claim against the hernia repair mesh manufacturer. Most failed hernia repair mesh victims are required to undergo at least one revision surgery to retrieve all or part of the decimated hernia screen, therefore, one must take steps such as ensuring the preservation of the surgically removed hernia repair mesh, securing your medical records, and identifying the hernia repair mesh manufacturer to build a potentially winning case.

To prepare a case against the manufacturer of a failed hernia repair mesh device, some planning is required and it is at this time you should consider hiring a hernia repair mesh lawyer not only to organize the case properly but also to free you up for to focus on your surgery and getting well.

If you are scheduled to have hernia repair mesh revision surgery your hernia mesh attorney should confirm with hospital administrators that they are to save and preserve any pieces of the hernia mesh for use as evidence at trial. A letter from your hernia mesh attorney and follow-up should be all that is required. Hospitals are required to send the retrieved hernia mesh specimen to a specific Florida medical storage facility for safekeeping until trial. It is also important to secure your medical records immediately after surgery to provide a record of what took place when it was fresh in everyone's memory. The medical records should contain a very important piece of information to identify the make, model, and manufacturer of your specific hernia repair mesh. National recommends that you record any identifying stickers on the product packaging as they will assist in comparing your device to a list of other devices that are alleged to be defective. One of the most important characteristics of your mesh is whether or not it is made from polypropylene plastic which researchers have found to be incompatible with organic tissue in animal studies and whose purpose is better served in making single-use sandwich bags and microwaveable food storage containers. Hernia mesh patients that are experiencing pain may want to take these steps before having revision surgery as well. Thousands of hernia mesh victims are seeking reimbursement for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering allegedly caused by their defective hernia mesh repair device. Hernia mesh is nearly identical to the failed vaginal support mesh that has been the subject of hundreds of millions of dollars in jury awards and recalled by nearly every major manufacturer.

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