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Judge Selects The Plaintiffs For The First Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Trial

Thousands of individuals have experienced severe, life-threatening injuries allegedly as a result of the malfunction of the Ethicon Physiomesh, Hernia Repair Mesh

Thursday, October 1, 2020 - The medical device was voluntarily removed from the market in 2016 by Ethicon's parent company Johnson & Johnson when numerous reports made to European hernia mesh registry Herniamed indicated the device had migrated to another part of the body causing extreme pain, internal bleeding, and life-threatening lacerations and blockages requiring emergency surgery to remove the device and surgically correct the problem. Thousands of Physiomesh sufferers seek lump-sum compensation by filing lawsuits against Ethicon claiming the company failed to adequately test the medical device before rushing it to market using the FDA's controversial fast-track approval system. Ethicon hernia repair mesh attorneys offer a free consultation and no obligation to file a lawsuit claim.

Jim B. and Diane Crumbley were selected to lead the lead plaintiffs in multidistrict litigation lawsuits against Ethicon Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and the maker of the Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair Mesh. Around 3000 cases against Ethicon will begin in early 2021 if all goes as planned. The trials were scheduled to start this month but have been delayed by the Covid19 pandemic. Ethicon is accused of knowingly and negligently bringing a faulty medical device to market that caused physical injury to the plaintiff. According to, "The first trial will involve the lawsuit filed by Jim and Diane Crumbley and is selected by the plaintiffs. The second trial will involve one of the remaining three claims that will be selected by the defendants by October 12 and is scheduled to start on February 22, 2021. The third trial is expected to involve the consolidation of the remaining two claims and is set to begin on May 10, 2021."

Multidistrict Litigation consists of a collection of individual plaintiffs and is not a class-action lawsuit. When a medical device allegedly fails and causes personal injury to thousands of people, the science behind the device's failure usually applies universally to each in the group. MDL streamlines administrative court procedures and repetitive scientific testimony by expert witnesses into a single testimony. Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh is accused of decomposing or otherwise deteriorating inside the body and migrating to other areas causing organ damage, lacerations, and life-threatening blockages. Over 3000 cases against Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair mesh have been grouped in MDL. The Crumbley case is one of the four parties that were selected as work-up trial cases. The others are "James Bovian, Danielle Guffey, and Jeffrey Smith. One of those three will be selected as the second case and so on.

Ethicon Inc., the maker of the Physiomesh Hernia repair mesh, is only one of many companies that are being sued for negligence over the failure of their hernia repair mesh medical devices. Neuralit writes, "Currently, C.R. Bard faces more than 8,000 product liability lawsuits over hernia mesh products, which include Bard's Ventralex, Ventralight, Perfix, 3DMax, and other patch designs." That number now exceeds 10,000.

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