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Horror Stories Highlight The Magnified Risk Of Hernia Mesh Surgery

Hernia repair was once a routine procedure that has been complicated by surgeons that use hernia repair mesh

Friday, December 11, 2020 - Surgeons that push hernia mesh surgery on their unsuspecting patients are quick to highlight that laparoscopic surgery leaves only a one-inch incision that is quick to heal. They also point out that the revision surgery rate for hernia reoccurrence could be as low as 3%. All that is true. What young, inexperienced, hernia mesh doctors fail to tell their patients, however, is that there are numerous other ways that hernia mesh can malfunction requiring revision surgery. Doctors in the UK think that the hernia revision rate could be upwards of 33% within the first ten years following hernia mesh surgery, and much higher thereafter. Reasons for requiring a second surgery include the mesh pulling free from the intended spot located above the surgically-repaired hernia and migrating down to the intestines and bowels, causing lacerations, internal bleeding, infections, and blockages that could have potentially life-threatening complications. Hernia mesh complications can be so severe that natural-tissue hernia repair doctors from all over the world are calling for a ban on the medical device like the one placed on vaginal support mesh, a medical device so similar that one would have difficulty identifying one over the other. Both hernia repair mesh and the recalled and banned vaginal support mesh are made from the same polypropylene plastics that scientists think may be incompatible with human tissue. Physiomesh hernia repair lawyers representing people nationwide, have vast experience litigating against big corporations and a winning track record offer a free consultation.

A doctor from Sydney, Australia shared his thoughts about his patient's experiences with hernia repair mesh and did not mix his words. In an article titled: "Major catastrophe: Sydney surgeon calls for hernia mesh ban," Dr. John Garvey, an Australian natural-tissue hernia repair specialist, told 9 News Australia that hernia repair mesh surgery carries potentially life-threatening complications and that the device should be removed from the market. So many hernia mesh patients are starting to require complicated hernia mesh retrieval and revision surgery that hernia mesh retrieval is a new medical specialty.

Dr. Garvey told 9News that hernia mesh patients have been reporting pain and discomfort for years but that those reports are only now linked with a failed hernia mesh device. Others have told of hernia mesh patients that returned to their hernia mesh surgeon complaining of pain were told that the pain was all in their heads. Most hernia repair surgeons have no idea how to locate or retrieve a hernia mesh device that has migrated and are unwilling to take the legal risks. Most just send their patients home with a prescription for pain medicine.

Dr. Garvey tells the news that he is seeing failed hernia repair mesh patients whose lives have been ruined and are in constant pain. Hernia mesh polypropylene may leach dangerous chemicals into the bloodstream that cause allergic, auto-immune, and potential DNA damage. Dr. Garvey told the news, ""lives turned upside down and destroyed" because of it. It's certainly a big issue and I think it's underestimated. A lot of patients end up going through severe financial and personal hardship just for having a simple hernia repair."

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