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Hernia Repair Surgeons Are Divided Over Natural Tissue Versus Surgical Mesh Hernia Repair Techniques

Most hernia repair doctors are unwilling to give up using hernia repair mesh even though there is great potential for harmful consequences

Monday, May 27, 2019 - As I have stated in previous articles, hernia repair mesh is a multi-billion dollar business and growing and more and more doctors simply accept that laparoscopic hernia mesh repair is the default technique. There are many "old school" doctors, however, that realize that both laparoscopy and hernia repair mesh can cause more trouble for a patient than they are worth. For one thing, few doctors have the necessary experience (600 plus hours) of laparoscopic operating experience needed to navigate the complex equipment and place and secure hernia repair mesh properly and often wind up doing more harm than good. Also, polypropylene plastic hernia mesh material degrades within the human body, disintegrates and can migrate and perforate other vital organs such as the bowels. When the bowels are perforated feces can be released into the abdominal cavity or health-damaging blockages can occur. Ethicon hernia repair lawsuits are represented by top national attorneys and offer families and individuals a no obligation and free consultation before filing a claim.

Most people in the know that are required to undergo hernia repair surgery will travel outside of the United States to seek natural-tissue hernia repair done by experts in the field with track records of success that span decades. While I am not specifically recommending one method of hernia repair surgery over another, one should consider both and weigh the pros and cons based on their individual situation. Here are what hernia repair specialists on either side of the hernia repair fence have to say about their respective methods of surgical techniques.

The Shouldice Hernia Hospital in Canada is one of the global leaders in performing non-mesh surgical hernia repair. For over 70 years, Shouldice Hernia Hospital has been "the only licensed hospital in the world dedicated to repairing hernias. More than 98% of our cases are performed with our natural tissue technique...without the use of mesh." Shouldice pulls no punches when it describes hernia repair mesh as a sub-standard practice for repairing hernias that can lead to patient injuries. Doctors at Shouldice "have performed over 380,000 successful hernia repairs using our natural tissue technique without the use of surgical mesh and its serious complications." When US Senator Rand Paul suffered a hernia recently he went outside of the US to Shouldice in Canada at his own expense.

One of the leading advocates of hernia repair mesh are the doctors at Atrium Health who swear by hernia repair mesh and robotic surgery as the best way repair hernias and to reduce the number of hernia recurrences. They state that the use of hernia repair mesh inserted via laparoscopic or robotic techniques results in "less pain, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, and fewer complications." Atrium Health is confident that their hernia mesh repair is safe and their techniques will result in excellent results. "Our surgeons have extensive experience safely using these materials (hernia repair mesh) in thousands of patients. We also follow up with patients to make sure what we do today and long-term is safe, prevents hernias from happening again and preserves the quality of life."

Choosing either natural tissue or hernia repair mesh to repair your hernia is an important decision that can have life long consequences. It is important to gather as much information as possible and weigh all the facts before committing to one method or another.

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