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Hernia Repair Mesh Surgeons Will Not Admit Hernia Mesh Failure

Catastrophic hernia repair mesh failure sometimes leaves a patient in so much pain that they contemplate committing suicide

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 - In an interview given to CVN News Canada, several women reported that the constant, unbearable and progressively worsening pain that hernia repair mesh is causing them made them think about ending their own life. Several people have even attempted suicide as a result of not only the pain of having what one called a "cheese grater" inside of them but also out of frustration from their hernia repair surgeon who denied that the hernia repair mesh was the problem. Others say that the failed hernia mesh feels like a wound that will not heal and the mesh is "ripping them open from the inside" apparently trying to get out. According to CVN: "Several women who have had hernias repaired with plastic surgical mesh say the subsequent pain they have endured has driven them to contemplate -- and sometimes even attempt -- suicide. Doctors, they add, have offered little in terms of solutions." Some hernia mesh victims have been left in pain for years having trusted their doctor's fraudulent diagnosis that there is nothing to be done and to "take painkillers" to cope with the pain. Coping with unbearable pain or being dumbed down by powerful painkillers make it impossible to function at a high level at work, socially, or as a parent. Another mesh victim writes: "It has affected me in every way possible: socially, with my kids, my husband," she explained. "I can't plan things ahead of time because I never know what kind of shape I'm going to be in, what kind of pain I'm going to be in."

The body's negative reaction to the foreign object should come as no surprise, however, as the polypropylene plastic component layer of hernia repair mesh is incompatible with human tissue and will degrade over time, that according to articles published by the National Institute of Health. There is a chance, some experts say a probability, that a high percentage of hernia repair mesh will eventually fail and require removal surgery. In 2016, Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Physiomesh experienced a higher than acceptable percentage of necessary revision surgeries, and the company voluntarily pulled the product from the market failing, however, to publicly identify the problem. Ethicon Physiomesh hernia lawyers are experienced attorneys with vast experience handling medical litigations and have a winning track record against big corporations and offer a free consultation before filing a claim.

Surgeons that use implantable medical devices such as hernia repair mesh to repair a hernia where natural tissue open repair might have resulted in a preferable outcome are sometimes compensated indirectly by medical device marketers. Surgeons that recommend implantable medical devices are paid through bogus speaking fees and non-existent educational programs as an incentive to use the medical device. Women naturally seek a pain solution from the doctor that implanted the failed device but these doctors tell them that the pain is all in their head and that they must be crazy, fearing to admit failure and subject themselves to a malpractice lawsuit.

A cottage industry is emerging for surgeons as a result of mesh surgeon's unwillingness to address the removal of hernia repair mesh. There are currently thousands of patients that would like to have their hernia repair mesh removed and that number could grow into the hundreds of thousands in the coming decade. Incompetent surgeons now have nowhere to hide as malfunctioning surgical mesh devices sufferers are voicing their horror stories on social media in support groups on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and other sites. Hernia repair mesh failure is on the verge of epidemic proportions and experts estimate that as many as 33% of the over 1 million annual hernia repair using surgical mesh could fail every year.

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