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Hernia Repair Mesh Seems To Be Failing After a Number of Years

If ever there was a medical device that could be considered a ticking time bomb it is hernia repair mesh

Thursday, June 27, 2019 - Even if we are to believe hernia repair mesh doctors who claim that the medical device reduces the number of hernia revision surgeries, those that experience complications are faced with life-altering consequences. Horror stories continue to flood the media as, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 50,000 hernia mesh-related lawsuits have been filed and await trial. Leading surgeons from around the world are rejecting hernia mesh as a viable method of hernia repair as people come forward to tell of their nightmares. Ethicon Physiomesh attorneys are pursuing justice on behalf of American families harmed by Ethicon hernia mesh.

Most people that have hernia mesh surgery once led productive and active lives only to be reduced to bedrest and taking a powerful painkiller such as morphine. has published a dozen or so new horror stories from actual hernia repair mesh patient experiences. The tales are frightening, not only because of the patient's suffering but also because it seems that it is just a matter of time before tens of thousands of hernia meshes will experience a "blow out."

One such blow out occurred to a man 10 years after his original hernia mesh repair surgery when one day at work he coupled over in extreme pain, unable to walk let alone continue to work. The man was rushed to emergency revision surgery only to experience even greater discomfort afterword. "After the surgery my entire groin area including my penis and scrotum was black and I was in excruciating pain." the New Zealander claims, and that he felt like he was kicked by a mule in the genitals, swelling them beyond recognition. Nearly six-months post op the man continued to be in debilitating pain. At that point, the surgeon said that he had done all he could and that the patient should "go away."

Another patient seems to have had the hernia repair device migrate and lacerate his bladder. The man claims that hernia mesh caused his incontinence which has led to complications in his personal life. "At age 46 I can't even find a girlfriend or go out because of the incontinence or urine odor, so it's been a five-year hell." In the end, the man found that the migrating hernia mesh became entangled in his bowels, perforating them and releasing feces into his abdominal cavity, one of the worst case scenarios imaginable. As a result, the man experienced vomiting his own feces. "I was vomiting this black stuff and I had a tube down my throat. I was in the hospital for a week with this happening." Like other hernia repair mesh disasters, his doctor eventually told him that his awful experience was the exception and not the rule.

It is generally accepted that hernia repair surgery performed using polypropylene hernia mesh is proving to be incompatible with human tissue and rejected by the body's natural immune system. Polypropylene hernia repair mesh shrinks, crumples and hardens and sometimes disintegrates into a jagged, rock-like substance that moves wherever it is taken within the body. Bowel perforation is the leading complication for hernia mesh patients and could require a second, third, or fourth surgery. When a hernia repair mesh patient goes in for surgery to remove the device the surgeon rarely can extract it intact and must try and locate all the pieces that it has broken into. Unfortunately, the only proof that a surgeon failed to remove all of the broken pieces of the device is when a patient is forced by pain to have yet another surgery to located and remove more of the device.

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