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Hernia Repair Mesh Results May Not Be Living Up To Expectations

Sold as minimally invasive surgery and preferred to natural-tissue hernia repair, thousands of hernia mesh repair patients may require revision surgery

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - Most hernia repair doctors sold the features of hernia repair mesh to include that the device could be inserted using a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure. Few doctors, however, have had the 600 plus hours of training and experience needed to operate the delicate laparoscopic tools properly and as a result, may not always perform the mesh implant properly. When the hernia repair mesh migrates away from the spot on the hernia it can lacerate other organs. Removing hernia mesh usually involves major invasive surgery and can include the removal of a patient's bowels or intestines. With over one million hernia repair surgeries occurring each year in the United States alone, the market for hernia repair mesh continues to grow unabated. More and more men and women are entering the later years of their lives when hernias naturally become a problem. In addition, being overweight also contributes greatly to hernias occur. Add to those two factors the fact that hernia mesh surgery is many times more financially lucrative for doctors to perform than recommend natural tissue hernia repair and you have the likelihood of hernia repair mesh failures becoming a crisis. Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit claims handled by national hernia repair mesh attorneys offer a free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

Such an emergency may already be brewing in Europe. As the number of hernia mesh surgeries increases and hernia repair mesh fails, more and more hernia revision surgeries will be needed. The United Kingdom estimates that around 170000 hernia repair mesh patients are complaining of complications and may have to have the device removed and the hernia repaired a second time. The British Medical Journal reports that according to England's Department of Health and Social Care "Patients who had had hernia mesh operations told the programme about being in constant pain, unable to sleep, and finding it difficult to walk or even pick up a sock. Some patients said that they felt suicidal." Government officials are concerned that there are no standardized procedures for hernia repair mesh removal.

To complicate matters even further, when a doctor attempts to remove a hernia repair mesh they often find that the device has formed scar tissue and fused with another underlying organ. When a doctor tugs and pulls to try and remove the device they can break the hernia mesh into several pieces that are left behind and will continue to cause health problems such as when a piece of hernia repair mesh becomes lodged in the intestines and a life-threatening blockage occurs. Hernia repair mesh has been reported to have been torn into pieces simply by the body's immune system attacking the plastic polymer that it is made from and segments travel throughout the abdominal cavity. Other time the hernia repair device disintegrates into a gel-like substance that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and potentially cause auto-immune issues.

Johnson & Johnson, the industry leader in hernia mesh repair, voluntarily withdrew the Physiomesh Composite hernia repair mesh when faced with a high number of reports of patients requiring mesh removal surgery.

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