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Hernia Repair Mesh Plaintiffs Are Gathering For Fall 2019 Trials

If you or a loved one have experienced complications after having hernia repair surgery using a hernia repair mesh, you may qualify to file suit against Ethicon and its parent company Johnson & Johnson

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - The first trial accusing Johnson & Johnson of bringing a faulty medical device to market is scheduled to begin in September of 2019, only a few months from now. Hundreds of individuals have filed suit against the maker of the Physiomesh hernia repair device and the cases have been combined in several states into multi-district litigation (MDL), a process that is designed to streamline the discovery and pre-trial processes when there are multiple plaintiffs claiming similar damages against a company that allegedly were caused by the same faulty medical device. MDL is not the same as a class action lawsuit. If you wish to file a claim against the company you are free to join the MDL or to pursue a lawsuit individually. MDL avoids repetitively gathering scientific evidence or hiring the same expert witnesses multiple times. MDL is also beneficial for a plaintiff in order to combine the expertise of several different law firms. 500 MDL cases have been consolidated in the state of Georgia alone and there are over 1500 total cases pending against the companies claiming hernia mesh negligence. Ethicon physhiomesh dangers outweighs its potential benefits.

At the core of the lawsuits against Ethicon is the failed Physiomesh hernia repair mesh that experts agree is incompatible with human tissue as per finding published by the National Institute of Health and several other scientific studies. So many complaints were registered in Europe with German hernia surgery registry Herniamed that Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson took the unprecedented step in May of 2016 of voluntarily removing Physiomesh from the global market on a permanent basis. One possible explanation for taking such an action could be that the company saw no hope of saving the product due to the human body's rejections of polypropylene plastic, the material at the core of Physiomesh. There is a possibility that Ethicon will reintroduce a non-polypropylene hernia repair mesh in the future, however, to do so now could be tantamount to an admission of guilt. The company claims that "multifactorial" reasons can be given for Physiomesh's failure and the company could not pinpoint one particular reason. An abnormally high percentage of hernia repair patients needed revision surgery, removing the mesh, and repairing the hernia for a second time. Patients also reported that their intestines have actually grown through the mesh (adhesion) making removal surgery complicated. Such surgery required removing a section of the intestines in which the hernia mesh had become incapsulated and then reconnecting the two severed sections of the intestines or bowels. Hernia repair mesh patients that have joined the MDL have alleged that Physiomesh also caused them excruciating pain, serious infections, internal bleeding from organ perforation that at times necessitated emergency surgery. According to a report in, one woman suing Ethicon alleged that Physiomesh caused her to have "severe pain, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, recurrent hernia defects, loss of sleep and energy, anxiety and depression, and loss of appetite, all of which have affected her ability to go about her daily life."

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