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Hernia Repair Mesh Patients Are Coming Forward With Their Stories

Europe is very concerned that hernia repair mesh could cause suffering in millions of patients in the coming decade

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - The Sunday Post has taken up the cause of reporting the actual experiences and testimonies of those that have been adversely affected by hernia repair mesh, one of the most frequently used implantable medical devices on the market today. Hernia repair mesh has drawn much attention recently and is being described as a "ticking time-bomb" due to the facts that millions of patients have them inside of them and that the device is so similar to other failed mesh devices. Hernia mesh removal surgery is complicated when the device breaks apart into many pieces that end up in various spots in the abdominal cavity. Few surgeons have the expertise to go in and even locate, let alone remove every piece of mesh. Even the smallest piece of mesh left behind after removal surgery can cause a lifetime of pain and internal complications.

The Sunday Post reports that 54-year old Lesley Hughes had hernia revision surgery and was left with permanent nerve damage. Ms. Hughes was in so much pain that her body seemed to shut down and needed a wheelchair. Hughes was in disbelief as the reality of her condition post-op was nothing like the results that her doctors said that she could expect. According to her interview with Scotland"s, "I couldn't understand what was wrong with me because I'd been assured there was only a slight risk of pain afterward, and the operation itself had appeared to have gone well. As the weeks went on, and I kept trying to get back to work and having to take time off again, I realized something was seriously wrong. I was in terrible pain, I felt ill all the time, I was totally exhausted, and at one stage I simply couldn't move."

39 year old John McFadden once led an active and healthy lifestyle and engaged in a career as a mechanic. Today, however, the man struggles to bend down and is in constant, unbearable pain. "Today, I'm a shell of the man I once was. If I didn't work in our family business I'd be unemployable because I'm always having to rest up or take time off because of the pain. (Hernia Repair) Mesh has destroyed my life." McFadden is angry that not only was he never told of the potential adverse side effects of hernia repair mesh, he also was never told that he had other surgical options. John has been prescribed dangerous and powerful pain medication for the last five years and has consulted numerous specialists. "Nobody wanted to believe mesh was the problem until one specialist actually admitted that it was and the reason they use mesh is that it's quicker and cheaper and less experienced surgeons can carry out the procedures."

If you or a loved one has experienced pain due to a failed hernia repair mesh you may wish to speak with a hernia mesh attorney to see if you qualify to file a claim for monetary reimbursement of your related expenses.

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