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Hernia Repair Mesh Lies May Be Injuring Patients

The side effects of a failed hernia mesh implant are so severe that many think the risks far outweigh any possible benefits

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - Facebook pages tell of horror stories written by hernia repair mesh victims detailing what they went through when the device failed. Here are just a few of the horror stories that could be typical of up to 33% of all hernia repair mesh patients within ten years of surgery. Louise E Watt posted on the FaceBook page, Mesh, "Scratching from inside, can't bend certain ways as pain excruciating, so much fear as it controls u, tearing, pain when urinating and bowel movements, large volumes of scar tissue and adhesions from all the ops to fix it. Previous mesh tore, try to strangulate bowel, shrunk, and lots of inflammation." Alex Proefrock related his hernia mesh experience and asked readers, "Has anyone experienced cognitive problems (brain fog) anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts from the mesh? And can a foreign body reaction happen almost immediately after surgery? I had a large piece of mesh put in my abdominal wall. Also if anyone experience insomnia, high heartbeat." Martin O'Neill said, "I'd rather put up with recurrence than the horror of mesh!!! It will recur any day!!!!!!!" These reactions to hernia repair mesh are typical of thousands that have had their hernia repair mesh fail and required revision surgery. Most patients return to their hernia mesh doctors complaining of pain only to be told that the pain is only in their head and some have been told that they must be crazy. Hernia repair surgeons seldom take responsibility for what could be their mistakes and none are trained to remove the hernia repair mesh once it is implanted. Finding a trained hernia mesh retrieval surgeon is next to impossible unless one is willing to travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles at their own considerable expense. Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit handled by top national attorneys offering a free consultation and no obligation to file a claim.

Hernia repair mesh victims also say that they have been sold a bill of lies regarding the safety of hernia repair mesh. Hernia repair mesh today is used by many young, inexperienced surgeons in combination with complicated laparoscopic incision techniques. Doctors selling hernia repair mesh to their patients tell them that because the incision is so small, they will be up and around in a fraction of the time of traditional surgical procedures. What is overlooked, however, is that the surgeon still has to suture and surgically repair the internal hernia tissues and also, surgically affix the plastic hernia repair mesh in place. Recovering from this takes at least as long as traditional hernia repair and most likely longer as it takes time for the mesh to become absorbed into the underlying tissues and held in place. What often happens is that the patient will see his/her external incision healing nicely and think they are all done healing and restart their physical activity too soon causing the mesh to pull free and to migrate to other parts of the abdomen. Patients that have had hernia mesh surgery may have a longer initial recovery time than traditional hernia surgery as, without the mesh, there are fewer moving parts.

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