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Hernia Repair Mesh Is Similar to The Transvaginal Mesh Which Was Subject to Recall

Companies continue to sell the hernia repair mesh in spite of the writing on the wall indicating that, for the patient, it will not end well

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - The safety of hernia repair mesh has been the subject of concern for individuals and government agencies that do not want the device to be an instant replay of a similar medical device disaster called transvaginal mesh. Because hernia mesh and the transvaginal mesh are quite literally "cut out of the same cloth", millions of individuals in the United States could be at risk of having to have the device surgically removed and their hernias repaired a second time. Hernia mesh is used in over one million hernia repairs every year and if the device is, in fact, a ticking time bomb, the health of millions of people could be at risk. In 2016, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Ethicon Inc., maker of Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair Mesh, took the unprecedented action of voluntarily recalling their device due to an excessive number of device failures that required revision surgery and no doubt to also head off a replay of their transvaginal mesh disaster. As of the time of this writing "Seven medical device manufacturers, including Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson, are paying nearly $8 billion to resolve the (transvaginal mesh) claims of more than 100,000 women," according to the New York Times. National transvaginal mesh attorneys have vast experience at representing people harmed by Ethicon Physiomesh and offer a free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

The transvaginal mesh was also one of the centers of interest presented in the movie, "The Bleeding Edge" which was critical of the medical device for a number of reasons. Women who had recently given birth were sold on the idea of having their surgeon implant the woven mesh device via a simple procedure taking less than an hour. These women either had or were attempting to prevent a "leaky bladder" that often happens as women who have had children get older. The medical name for the condition is pelvic organ prolapse or POP. Like so many other medical devices, doctors have no training in removing the transvaginal mesh, which can be dangerous or impossible to remove. Transvaginal mesh, like hernia mesh, can be broken into pieces during an attempt at removing it and pieces or fragments can be left behind that cause even more serious medical complications.

So how does a person know that there may be a serious problem with their hernia repair mesh? The first sign is that the pain that initially accompanies their surgery does not go away and even increases. Since hernia repair mesh is good at naturally trapping bacteria, another sign is that the patient develops an infection at the surgical site that produces redness, tenderness, and swelling. A foul discharge of fluid from the surgical site can also be an indicator that there is an infection. If left untreated, hernia repair mesh can migrate and perforate the bowel allowing fecal material to flow into the abdominal cavity or causing painful and dangerous blockages that require emergency surgery. Hernia repair mesh can also damage other organs and tissues as it slices its way through the inside of the body.

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