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Hernia Repair Mesh Is An Unnatural Foreign Object That Could Fail One in Three Patients

Hernia mesh should be used by surgeons only when no natural tissue hernia repair option exists

Monday, November 2, 2020 - Experienced hernia repair surgeons at the prestigious Shouldice Hernia Repair Hospital in Canada swear by natural tissue hernia repair and their experienced physicians and staff. The hospital warns prospective patients of the dangers of the indiscriminate use of hernia mesh. Hernia repair mesh is the rage among newer, inexperienced surgeons and medical supply marketing representatives who both earn a nice living selling the medical device with benefits that are questionable at best. The risks of hernia repair mesh hide within the laparoscopic surgical procedure that promises patients will endure only a tiny opening incision and thus enjoy a much quicker recovery time. Most laparoscopic hernia repair surgeons, according to Shouldice, do not possess the necessary 600-plus hours of experience on the complicated technological equipment. As a result, the hernia repair mesh may not adequately adhere to the underlying tissues and could migrate to other parts of the body and do damage. Unfortunately for these patients, it is nearly impossible to find a hernia mesh retrieval surgeon who is willing to try and locate and remove the mesh that may have disintegrated into tiny but deadly pieces that have scattered throughout the abdomen. According to Drug Safety News in the UK, "According to an investigation published last year in the British Medical Journal, as many 30% of patients who underwent hernia mesh operations over the previous six years may have experienced complications. Other prominent U.K. surgeons put the figure closer to 12 percent." Physiomesh hernia repair lawyers offer a free consultation to families and individuals nationwide and no obligation to file a claim.

Doctors at Shouldice Hernia Hospital use natural-tissue hernia repair over any mesh product over 98% of the time and view hernia repair mesh as a "last resort" if no natural tissue options exist. According to their website, "Why introduce a foreign body that ignores physiology, and does not match human tissue and anatomy, where natural-tissue techniques can successfully and safely repair the hernia and restore the body's natural anatomy? We are not "anti-mesh"; rather, "we are against the indiscriminate and injudicious use of mesh". ... No mesh technique has surpassed the results achieved by the experienced surgeons of Shouldice Hospital when natural tissue repairs are used to repair the hernia defect." Shouldice puts their hernia repair failure rate at less than one half of one percent of all patients, a record an experienced surgeon in any field would envy. They then compare that rate with even the most modest of hernia repair mesh failure rates that have been reported in recent years and conclude the benefits of using hernia mesh, most of which flow to the sales reps and young surgeons eager to build a practice, are not worth the risks. "growing evidence of mesh-related complications ranging between 10 and 20% it is hard to justify the use of mesh when there are safer, and more reliable, natural tissue alternatives," according to Shouldice.

Thousands of individuals have filed lawsuits against Ethicon Inc., and Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh for failing to warn them of the dangers of hernia repair mesh malfunctions.

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