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Hernia Repair Mesh Failures to Increase In The Years to Come

As the market for hernia repair mesh continues to grow, so should the number of lawsuits when the medical device fails

Friday, February 22, 2019 - The medical devices industry is one of the largest and fastest growing segments of the world economy. The medical devices industry as a whole is currently valued at around $400 billion and may reach $500 billion in just a couple of years. Hernia repair mesh continues to be one of the leaders in medical device sales worldwide and the global market for hernia mesh repair devices is expected to grow by about 5% per year for the next five years and reach over $6 billion in size. According to Business Wire, inguinal hernias are to be the most common form of hernia. Advances in laparoscopic surgery, as well as innovations in robotic surgical procedures, may also add to hernia repair device sales. The leading manufacturers of hernia mesh medical devices are expected to continue to be CR Bard, Atrium, Covidien, Ethicon, and Gore Medical. For this reason it is important that if you are suffering from a hernia mesh repair attorneys offer a free consultation and no obligation to see if your claim qualifies for filing a case against the makers of Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair devices.

In spite of the phenomenal growth that is expected over the next few years for hernia mesh, prestigious hernia repair surgeons swear against them. Leading hernia repair hospital, the Shouldice Hernia Hospital emphatically condemns the use of polypropylene hernia mesh as merely a fad. "Mesh should never be used because it's easier, faster, cheaper or due to lack of familiarity with, or expertise in, the use of natural-tissue techniques!" Dr. Shouldice himself advises patients that natural tissue techniques are far superior to those that rely on synthetic material such as hernia repair mesh. "Although there are inherent risks in any surgery, there are no similar or comparable risks in natural tissue hernia repair versus mesh." The Shouldice hernia center is the only licensed hospital in the world dedicated to repairing hernias as 98% of their hernia repair procedures are performed with a natural tissue technique...without the use of mesh.

Hernia repair mesh manufacturers have also been the subject of lawsuits as their hernia repair mesh products failed to provide the hernia support that was expected of them as well as causing physical injury patients when the device degrades and migrates to the intestines and lacerates them. Hernia mesh patients are then at risk of the device causing a life-threatening intestinal blockage. Lawsuits have alleged that the different brands of hernia mesh have many characteristics in common including the materials they are made from and the weight of the mesh. Abdominal hernia mesh must be made from a material that is strong enough yet flexible to accommodate the demands of the abdominal wall places upon it such as twisting, expanding and contracting. Studies have shown that the above-companies manufacture hernia mesh products that are much lighter and more flexible than their sister-product the transvaginal mesh. The transvaginal mesh is used to correct and support a woman suffering from POP, pelvic organ prolapse, a form of urinary incontinence that often occurs after childbirth. This lightweight construction means that the device's strength may be compromised and more easily degraded if and when the body's immune system naturally attacks the foreign object in an attempt to expel it.

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