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Hernia Repair Mesh Failure Can be Life-Threatening

Razor-sharp edges of failed hernia repair mesh can lacerate the intestines and bowels causing internal bleeding, leakages, and infections

Thursday, May 14, 2020 - Hernia repair mesh is feared to fail in around one-third of all patients according to medical experts in the United Kingdom. The BBC reports "There have been between 90,000 and 100,000 hernia mesh operations in England each year since 2011-12. And leading surgeons believe the complication rate is 12-30% - which means between 68,000 and 170,000 patients could have been adversely affected in the past six years." The same numbers and ratios are true in the United States as people have been implanted with the same synthetic polypropylene hernia repair mesh manufactured by the same multinational companies as has been shown to fail in Europe. Thousands of hernia patients are suffering from infections, blockages, tears, organ perforation, and other medical complications from the failed hernia mesh devices and are consulting with hernia mesh lawyers and filing lawsuits against manufacturers Ethicon, Bard and others.

Medical device companies have successfully monopolized the global hernia repair market and have sold surgeons on the benefits of using laparoscopy and hernia mesh, all the while ignoring the potentially deadly side effects when the device fails. Polypropylene hernia repair mesh is attacked and destroyed by the body's immune system like any foreign invader and loses its strength and flexibility, two attributes that hernia mesh salespeople have highlighted to surgeons when trying to convince them to adopt the mesh procedure. Around 90% of all hernia repair surgeries today use hernia mesh, and only one, the Shouldice Hospital in Canada, is considered to be exclusively a natural tissue only hernia repair facility employing surgeons that have specific expertise using organic surgical techniques. Little attention has been paid to the potential ticking time bomb that could be caused by this medical device failure as the media's attention has been diverted to other, seemingly more urgent topics.

When hernia repair mesh fails it normally has broken into two or more razor-sharp pieces and left free to migrate within the body and will cause extreme pain wherever it happens to land. Pieces of hernia repair mesh can cause lacerations to internal organs, the intestines, and bowels, in particular, causing internal bleeding and leakages of digestive material (feces) within the abdominal cavity and rendering the patient immobile and in extreme pain. The only option is for a physician to operate at the spot where the pain is occurring to remove the piece of hernia mesh and repair the damaged underlying organ. Hernia mesh lacerations can also cause internal infections which can complicate revision surgery. This process can take six months to a year or more for the patient to recover during which time they may be out of work. Sometimes several revision surgeries are required and the patient can be laid-up for years.

Hernia repair mesh lawyers can help mitigate your financial losses by seeking monetary compensation for a hernia mesh patient's medical expenses, lost wages, and physical and psychological suffering. While surgeons that advocate the use of hernia mesh devices citing the questionable statistic that they require revision surgery less often, they are mistaken. Not only is hernia repair mesh likely to fail more often over the years, but the potential damage that the device can cause also makes one question whether or not is worth the risks.

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