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Hernia Repair Mesh Doctors See Dollar Signs Rather Than The Risks Hernia Mesh Presents

Some hernia repair mesh doctors may be paid off the books to recommend the dangerous and untested medical device

Monday, January 18, 2021 - Doctors who recommend hernia repair mesh make you wonder if their advanced education includes being intelligent and honest. Those who recommend using hernia repair mesh seem to be operating as glorified medical device salespersons without really understanding the harm that they may be doing to their patients. Hernia repair mesh doctors are either ignorant of the risks of using hernia mesh or deliberately look the other way. Unethical doctors are sometimes paid as educational consultants, for accounting purposes only, by sales reps working for hernia repair mesh manufacturers. Some doctors make as much as one hundred thousand dollars in indirect commissions per year by recommending that their patients consent to the use of hernia repair mesh with all of its potentially life-threatening complications.

These same doctors often look the other way when a hernia mesh patient comes back to them in unbearable pain. Hernia mesh may have detached and is lacerating other organs, or it may have been rejected by the immune system. Patients report that their hernia repair mesh surgeon told them that their hernia mesh could not possibly be the cause of their medical complications and that the pain was "in their head." To make matters worse, hernia repair mesh doctors ignore the thousands of lawsuits that have been brought against hernia repair mesh manufacturers Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Bard, Cook Medical, and others. Trials are scheduled to begin later in 2020 and Physiomesh Hernia Mesh failure attorneys are currently interviewing potential plaintiffs.

Hernia repair mesh was rushed to market under the Food And Drug Administration's (FDA) 501 fast-track medical device approval program without having to pass through the delays of a thorough examination of human and clinical testing. Instead, the FDA relies on post-market complaints made to their MAUDE complaint registry to test whether the medical device makes the grade. Doctors and patients are urged to report any discomfort they feel at the FDA website so that action can be taken. In the case of the Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair Mesh, the company was forced to voluntarily withdraw the product from the market when a very high percentage of patients complained and the problems required revision surgery to locate the mesh, remove it, and to repair the hernia a second time.

Plaintiffs suing Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson accuse the companies of rushing an untested, faulty, and dangerous medical device to market, not to address an urgent need, but rather, to maximize monetary profits. Physiomesh design defects, primarily because they are polypropylene plastic, have resulted in serious internal injuries to their patients. Experts in such matters think polypropylene may be incompatible with organic tissue and estimate that around one in three hernia repair mesh surgeries may fail within ten years and require revision. Plaintiffs have registered complaints of pain, infection, and internal organ damage. Some have experienced immune system problems as the polypropylene degrades and leaches dangerous petroleum-based chemicals into the system. Many hernia revision surgeries require more than one attempt to locate and retrieve the failed medical device. Physiomesh complications often result in permanent injuries.

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