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Hernia Repair Mesh Could Be a Time Bomb That Is Ready To Explode

Hernia repair mesh is the twin brother of the FDA-banned transvaginal mesh and an avalanche of hernia mesh lawsuits could be imminent

Thursday, December 26, 2019 - Hernia repair mesh doctors are among the most unethical in the profession when it comes to advising their patients of the risks of using polypropylene mesh to fix their hernia. The Southwest Pennsylvania Legal Examiner estimates that around 6-8 thousand cases have been filed against Ethicon Physiomesh due to the device malfunctioning and the pain that the device is causing, according to a U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation. The Examiner report tells of patients that were misled by surgeons that use hernia repair mesh into thinking that hernia repair using mesh and laparoscopy was state of the art and that the risks of failure were low. Plaintiffs that have filed lawsuits allege "they were told there was a 5% chance of the hernia mesh causing pain, but after implantation, they were told the risk of pain was 12% to 30%." Ethicon Physiomesh attorneys offer a no obligation free consultation before filing a claim.

Rarely do doctors mention the obvious comparisons that have been made by experts, researchers, and media investigators between hernia repair mesh and the catastrophic vaginal support mesh called Transvaginal Mesh. The transvaginal mesh is usually made from or is coated with polypropylene, the exact material that hernia repair mesh is also made from. This is problematic as vaginal support mesh has malfunctioned in numbers high enough for the FDA to ban the vaginal support mesh device and doctors should be aware that such a catastrophe could await their hernia repair patients. In April of 2016, the FDA announced its ban on the surgical mesh used for transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse. Also that year, Johnson & Johnson announced a voluntary worldwide withdrawal of their Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair device citing "multifactorial" reasons, yet certifying that the ban was permanent and that they had no intention of improving and re-releasing the device. German hernia complaint registry Herniamed reported an unacceptably high number of Physiomesh hernia repairs that required revision surgery. Experts cite the device's polypropylene component as the reason for the company recall as scientists have since determined that the polymer plastic component of the device is incompatible with human tissue.

Physicians in England estimate that over 150,000 or around 33% of those implanted with polypropylene hernia repair mesh could require at least one and possibly many revision surgeries to locate and remove all of the disintegrated hernia mesh. Hernia mesh can calcify into sharp, jagged pieces that travel down into the bowels and perforate them. According to England's Daily Mail, "Controversial hernia mesh procedures may have left up to 170,000 people in England unable to walk and even suicidal," and that "Up to 170,000 people who have had hernia mesh implants in England over the past six years could be battling agonizing complications."

Bellwether trials of Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Physiomesh are scheduled for early 2020 by plaintiffs that have suffered in various ways from the defective medical device.

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