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Hernia Repair Mesh Can Cause Lifelong Medical Complications

A global hernia mesh crisis may develop as more reports of device failure make their way to the FDA and social media

Monday, September 16, 2019 - Experts are becoming increasingly concerned that the number of hernia mesh failures that require a second, third or even a fourth revision surgery could increase dramatically in the next few years. There are several reasons for hernia repair mesh to fail such as infections developing in the mesh itself which is constructed in such a way that it acts as a breeding ground to trap bacteria that leads to mesh deterioration and infection. Another way hernia repair mesh tends to fail is if it is not placed properly upon the hernia and secured using staples or sutures. Most hernia repair mesh operations today use complicated laparoscopic equipment that few doctors have adequate training and they may fail to secure the mesh properly damaging other tissues. If hernia mesh is not properly secured or breaks loose it is free to migrate to other parts of the abdomen. Gravity usually determines that the mesh descends onto the bowels where it can create blockages or perforate the bowels. One such hernia mesh failure involves a patient vomiting their feces! Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair problems are being reported to top national attorneys with vast experience handling product recall lawsuits nationwide and offer a free consultation.

The BBC reports that 170,000 patients may require revision surgeries in the coming decade, a 30% failure rate and that some patients have been rendered bedridden, unable to work and others suicidal. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter contain reports of descriptions of medical problems hernia repair mesh patients are suffering. Hernia patients that were assured by their doctors that they would be "as good as new" after a few weeks and able to return to a physically active lifestyle are now unable to bend over and tie their shoes. Nearly all failed hernia repair mesh patients report experiencing constant pain.

The hernia repair mesh debacle can only get worse in the coming years as younger doctors are no longer taught natural tissue hernia repair and rely exclusively on laparoscopic methods using hernia repair mesh. Young doctors are left in the dark as to the risks hernia repair mesh poses to their patients. The benefit that they sell to their patients is that laparoscopy only requires a small incision and that speeds up their recovery time. The size of the incision is not an issue, however, as 90% of the cutting and stitching occurs within the body and is much more effectively performed with a larger, open incision. Inexperienced surgeons are at a loss as to what to do once they are actually inside the body cavity and few have the experience or training to deal with an emergency such as unanticipated bleeding should that occur.

Hernia repair mesh can cause medical complications that last a lifetime. Not only does polypropylene hernia repair mesh liquify into an unrecognizable clump, it can also break into pieces that each go in different directions making them impossible to track, locate, and remove. Some hernia mesh patients report that they continue to be in pain after revision surgery and have hired hernia repair mesh lawyers to seek monetary compensation from the makers of the faulty devices.

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