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Hernia Repair Doctors Are Shunning Repair Mesh And Returning To Traditional Hernia Repair Methods

Hernia repair mesh was and continues to be a faulty idea and should be used only as a last resort

Thursday, December 20, 2018 - One could question whether or not hernia mesh was ever needed in the first place. Some medical experts have stated that only around 1 percent of all hernias reoccur and require a second surgery so why complicate matters by reinforcing the abdominal wall? As time goes on more and more patients are experiencing medical problems, not from a reoccurring hernia but from medical device failure. If you have had hernia surgery using a wholly unnecessary hernia repair mesh, you should be aware that complication could occur at any time in the future. It appears inevitable that the hernia repair mesh that sits inside you may cause pain and suffer far beyond having to merely repair a recurring hernia.

When a hernia repair mesh is attacked by the body's natural immune system it can shrink, harden and produce sharpened edges that can puncture and block other organs within the abdominal cavity. A migrating hernia repair mesh devices can disintegrate into several pieces or more and affect multiple parts of the stomach, lower intestines and also poke through to the genitals. One hernia mesh malfunction in Australia demonstrated what could go wrong when the latter happens. The patient's hernia repair mesh tore its way down to his genitals causing them to blacken with gangrene. In constant excruciating pain the patient was forced to take morphine daily which has compromised every area of his life including occupation, relationships, and family. The man has undergone multiple surgeries with no end in sight. As soon as the surgeon discovers one piece of the mesh, more pop up in other areas that need to be removed.

ABC News also reported that another hernia repair mesh patient suffered a perforated bladder from a migrating hernia mesh causing problems with urination. Another botched hernia repair device was found in another patient entangled with their bowels, obstructing elimination. The patient had to have a tube inserted down their throat to remove waste that had backed up until surgery could remove the mesh and the patient could defecate normally again. The patient continues to complain about stomach pain from pieces of the mesh that are embedded in his stomach.

Although hernia repair mesh continues to be used, Johnson & Johnson, the industry's leading manufacturer of hernia repair mesh voluntarily withdrew the product from the US market due to an unusually high percentage of product failures reported to the European hernia watchdog agency Herniamed. Since then more and more surgeons have stopped using the hernia repair mesh and have spoken out about the complaints that they were receiving from their hernia mesh patients. ABC News reported "US surgeon Doctor Mohan Desarda has developed a mesh-free hernia surgery which he said had been embraced by clinicians around the world. It is established fact that more than 10 to 15 percent (hernia-mesh patients) suffer from pain, two to five percent with recurrence, less than one percent with infection and one to two percent with other complications," Dr. Desarda said.

The doctor went on to tell ABC news, "I wish to state that mesh should be used for hernia repair as a last resort only after pure tissue repair fails or is not possible to do."

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