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Hernia Repair Doctors Are Ignoring The Risks of Using Hernia Mesh

Hernia repair mesh can leave a patient with permanent chronic pain, not nearly the outcome they were seeking or expected

Monday, June 3, 2019 - Over one million hernia repairs are performed each year with approximately 10 - 15% ending in failure requiring a second, revision surgery. Nearly 170,000 hernia mesh patients in the UK have taken legal action when their surgical mesh implant left them in constant, agonizing pain. Doctors almost as if reading from a script disregard the possibility that hernia mesh malfunction could possibly be the cause of the patient's pain and discomfort. The fact is, hernia mesh can pull free from its intended location and migrate to the bowels, perforating them and releasing feces into the abdominal cavity, or can become embedded in the bowels and cause a dangerous, life-threatening blockage that requires emergency surgery. Patients that have the mesh removed have said that they now feel normal again.

In spite of all of the evidence to the contrary, doctors continue to advise using hernia repair mesh as if nothing could ever go wrong. The global market for hernia repair devices is expected to reach $6.2 Billion by 2024 and that kind of money can cause doctors to focus on the benefits and downplay the device's risks. Doctors that continue to advocate for the use of hernia repair mesh fail to make their patients aware of the possibility of adverse side effects as they themselves choose to remain blissfully ignorant to them. According to "There are hidden results that many patients aren't aware of including coatings which are used on the mesh device (polypropylene) and may cause a reaction in the patient or infection, the mesh shrinks or hardens, the mesh may detach and migrate to a different area, reaction to a foreign body or rejection of the device. Common side effects for patients who receive a hernia mesh include infections, obstructions in the intestines, adhesions to tissue, permanent nerve damage. and Recurrence of the hernia."

Not all physicians are supporters of hernia repair mesh. Dr. Peter Jones, a general surgeon who has spent much of his career performing revision surgery to remove hernia mesh often from patients in excruciating pain. Dr. Jones is most concerned with the fact that the patients he sees allege that they were not told that there could be complications surrounding hernia mesh that could require a second surgery and maybe more if the mesh cannot be completely removed the first time. Dr. Jones disagrees with the majority of other hernia repair surgeons as he does not feel the risk/reward profile of hernia mesh make it worthwhile. The doctor hopes enough people in the UK and in the United States consult with a hernia repair mesh attorney and file a claim against the device's manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, according to

While up to 15% of hernia mesh patients will experience chronic debilitating pain from their hernia mesh failing, the number could be much higher. Most patients can experience a hot, sharp, jabbing pain from making the slightest movement, let alone ever returning to an athletic lifestyle. Ironically, doctors who prefer hernia repair mesh claiming that natural tissue repair is too complicated, are the same ones that have difficulty operating the complexities of laparoscopic and microscopic hernia repair surgery using hernia mesh. Not only does hernia repair mesh often fail to perform as advertised but the physician usually does not have the 600 plus hours of experience on the sophisticated laparoscopic equipment to insert the hernia mesh with precision.

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