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Hernia Patients Should Question Their Surgeon's Experience With Laparoscopic Equipment

It may be difficult to find a surgeon with the hours of experience needed to safely operate laparoscopic hernia repair equipment

Thursday, January 2, 2020 - Hernia repair is the leading surgical procedure in the world and the majority of young, inexperienced surgeons use hernia repair mesh and laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is sold to patients typically for the benefit that the surgery requires a smaller incision and leaves a smaller scar therefore recover time will be quicker. What they leave out is telling patients that the majority of hernia mesh surgeons, and probably your doctor, do not have the 600-plus hours of actual surgical experience required to operate the delicate, technical laparoscopy equipment and to properly place and affix hernia repair mesh. As a result of the doctor failing to perform the procedure properly, more than 30% of hernia repair patients may require revisions surgery to locate and remove the hernia mesh and also to repair any damage the mesh caused to other tissues and organs. In England, for example, more than one-third of the 500,000 hernia repairs using hernia mesh and laparoscopy may have to be revisited according to the BBC. In the US, the National Institute of Health reports that open, natural-tissue hernia repair by experienced surgeons using time-tested surgical techniques may be preferable to hernia mesh and laparoscopy. "Herniorrhaphy performed by Canada's Shouldice Hospital is the best non-mesh technique in terms of recurrence, though it is more time consuming and needs a slightly longer postoperative hospital stay. The rate of re-occurrence using the Shouldice natural tissue method is around 3%." Hernia mesh physiomesh lawsuit claims are handled by top attorneys with vast experience and a winning track record against corporations and pharmaceutical companies and offer a free consultation before filing a claim.

In addition to the doctor's inexperience, hernia mesh itself has been reported to cause an unacceptably high percentage of hernia revision surgeries. Hernia repair mesh is made from the same materials as the failed and nationally-banned vaginal support mesh and can cause unbearable pain, and life-threatening intestinal and bowel blockages. The vaginal support mesh is no longer on the market as thousands of women have successfully sued Johnson & Johnson and other manufacturers for bringing a faulty medical device to market before thoroughly testing the product on human beings. Vaginal support mesh failures and hernia repair mesh failures are nearly identical. The human body attacks and destroys the toxic foreign object. Both devices are made with a polypropylene component that scientists have concluded has no place within the human body. Polypropylene can liquefy into a goop-like substance that leaches into the bloodstream and can potentially contaminate every major organ in the body over the years. The remaining components of the vaginal support mesh and hernia repair mesh may also shrink, crumble, buckle, and break free from its intended destination above a hernia and migrate down to the intestines and bowels. This can cause constant pain, immobility, infections, and ultimately bowel perforation. One hernia repair mesh patient that I wrote about in an earlier article reported vomiting his feces, released into his abdomen from a hernia mesh-perforated bowel.

Not only are most laparoscopic hernia mesh surgeons inexperienced, they also have no experience in retrieving the device should something go wrong. Hernia mesh patients in chronic pain that go back to their original doctors are usually told that hernia mesh is not causing their pain and complications. As a result, hernia mesh failures by the thousands are going misdiagnosed as normal yet the longer one waits to have the mesh removed, the greater the chance the failed medical device can do further and more serious internal damage.

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