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Hernia Mesh Failures In Europe Mirror Those In the US

Hernia repair mesh failures could lead to a global health emergency

Monday, August 26, 2019 - Hernia repair mesh is causing health complications around the world not just in the United States. Hernia mesh patients living in Australia and countries in Europe are experiencing the same problems that those in the US have complained about, those problems being primarily that the device has degraded within them, hardened, and migrated to and perforated or otherwise compromised other internal organs. As a result of the failed medical device, hernia mesh manufacturers such as Ethicon Inc., a division of the Johnson & Johnson medical group, C.R. Bard, Atrium Medical, and others face thousands of personal injury lawsuits for bringing a faulty medical device to market without sufficient human testing first, much like these companies faced with the failed trans-vaginal mesh. Most hernia repair meshes were rushed through the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the faulty 510 (k) fast track approval program that merely requires post-market tracking of a medical device's efficacy meaning that hernia mesh patients themselves are being used as laboratory test animals. Hernia mesh failure attorneys offer a free no obligation consultation before filing an Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit.

In Australia, ABC reports that "Hernia mesh concerns grow among men as more patients report surgery complications." The report features interviews with actual hernia repair mesh patients that have been left in constant pain post hernia mesh repair surgery. One patient interviewed had to give up his beloved hobby of cross-county motorcycle riding and instead walks with the aid of a cane when not bedridden from hernia mesh pain. Rather than returning to work in a month as was promised by his hernia mesh repair surgeon, the man has had to see over 30 specialists to locate and remove the pieces of the disintegrated mesh. And that does not even include the leaching of deadly chemical from the polypropylene plastic component of the mesh into the bloodstream that affects all of the body's vital organs. Finally, the man told ABC News, "The best way to describe it is, razor blades are in my groin. It's like I've been doused in a flammable liquid and been lit on fire." The Australian man hopes to help others like himself and has set up a Facebook Support Group called Hernia Mesh Australia. (

Australia's hernia mesh problems are on par with those in England where the British Medical Journal fears close to 170,000 hernia repair mesh patients could require at least one additional hernia repair surgery. This is due to the complaints that have been coming in by hernia mesh patients reporting premature mesh failure corresponding to infections, device migration, organ perforation, and bowel blockages. The BMJ reports that over 500,000 hernia mesh repair operations have taken place during the past 6 years and that between 12 and 30% will probably fail. According to the BMJ, "Patients who had had hernia mesh operations told the programme about being in constant pain, unable to sleep, and finding it difficult to walk or even pick up a sock. Some patients said that they felt suicidal."

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