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French Study Finds Fewer Hernia Mesh Revision Surgeries Within Two Years

The study, however, fails to take into consideration that hernia repair mesh is intended as a permanent, long-term surgical solution

Thursday, May 21, 2020 - A new hernia repair study in France has concluded that using hernia repair mesh is not as dangerous as everyone has feared and that a global health crisis, as those in Great Britain have claimed is developing, could be exaggerated. Scientists at The French Society of Surgery followed closely a little over 1000 hernia repair patients at over 61 French hernia repair centers for a 1 to 2 year period, interviewing them and analyzing their surgical and hospital records along the way and found that around 33% of non-hernia mesh patients experience needing revision surgery compared to only 3% of those that used hernia mesh. "History of hernia, lateral hernia, concomitant digestive operation, the onset of surgical site complications, and the absence of mesh are strong risk factors for recurrence," the study concluded.

Surgeons that have advocated for the use of hernia repair mesh cite the strength, flexibility, and durability of the polypropylene plastic hernia repair mesh as the central selling point to their patients along with saying that laparoscopic surgery using hernia repair mesh will lower the odds of them having to undergo revision surgery to repair the hernia again. Unfortunately for hernia repair mesh patients hernia mesh must remain intact for their entire lifetime which could last decades into the future. Five, ten, and twenty-year post-op studies are few and far between at this point, and relying on only two years is phony science. Hernia repair mesh is a permanent long-term commitment to the integrity of the medical device. Unfortunately for hernia mesh patients, the side effects of a failed hernia mesh can produce life-threatening complications.

For example, one man interviewed with hernia mesh failure stated that he led a physically active lifestyle before having hernia repair mesh inserted to support his hernia surgery and now he is bed-ridden and taking morphine for the excruciating and constant pain he is in. "After the surgery my entire groin area including my penis and scrotum was black and I was in excruciating pain," the victim told ABC News Australia. "It was like I'd been punched in the genitals. They were just black and just swollen beyond recognition." As is usually the case, hernia repair surgeons often will fail to admit that they have made a mistake and blame the patient's pain on something else. " His surgeon sought to reassure him when he asked if there was anything wrong, " and for months the patient was left in excruciating pain and suffering immensely. After six months his surgeon said that the pain was all in his head, that nothing was wrong, and that he should just go away," a typical hernia mesh failure horror story.

When it comes to hernia mesh failure percentages matter little. If you have been injured and left in pain requiring a revision hernia mesh operation you may wish to find a Hernia Mesh Attorney and file a claim for monetary compensation.

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