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Five Physical Indications of Hernia Mesh Failure

Experts warn that as many as 30% of all hernia mesh implants could fail within 10 years of the original surgery

Friday, April 10, 2020 - Most medical experts around the world agree that hernia mesh complications could parallel vaginal support mesh problems given the fact that they are made from the same materials, used for similar purposes, and manufactured by the same companies. The failed and recalled trans-vaginal mesh was merely re-purposed from existing hernia repair mesh stock and has caused women extreme pain and suffering leading to requiring dangerous revision surgery to remove the device, or as much of it as a surgeon can find. Most women who have had to have their trans-vaginal support mesh removed are left permanently incontinent at best and some have plastic fragments remaining within their body that can cause perforations, blockages, and a host of autoimmune problems. That said, Med a well-read and respected publication has put out an article that lists the five signs hernia repair mesh patients need to look for that would indicate that the medical device has failed. Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuits are represented by top national attorneys with vast experience and offer a free consultation.

Hernias do not simply spontaneously occur. They happen due to the stress of common everyday activities. People are active, walking, running, jumping or simply bending over, getting up and down out of chairs and cars all take their toll on the core of the body near the spot where a hernia occurred, to begin with. Hernia repair mesh would be required to reinforce the spot where the hernia occurred and would reoccur should the patient continue the activities that led to the original hernia, which is not too much to expect.

Med lists pain and discomfort as the first symptom to suspect hernia mesh failure. Hernia mesh can painfully pull free even partially from its intended location above a surgically repaired hernia causing sharp pains near the spot of the incision. "The most common sign of hernia mesh complications is pain and discomfort, which may be accompanied by bruising or swelling. These symptoms may be linked to a skin rash, usually occurring near the bulge or incision."

The second symptom of a failed hernia mesh device is bleeding and infection according to the website. Redness and unmistakable pain and usually occur at the surgical incision that has failed to heal properly due to the polypropylene hernia mesh causing an infection as the body's natural immune system tries to expel the foreign object. Polypropylene can also dissolve partially or totally and leach toxins into the surrounding tissues. Infection and bleeding can also occur internally and cause major medical issues such and negatively affect the functioning of other vital organs, particularly the digestive system to which the mesh is located. According to MT: "Chronic infections are an identifiable complication of hernia mesh. Some infections may be severe, causing patients to see redness and feel the heat coming from the area of repair."

To round out the Med Truth list, other problems that have been reported as early warning signs that your hernia repair mesh has failed are bowel obstruction, erectile dysfunction, and hernia recurrence, the latter requiring hernia mesh removal and hernia repair.

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