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Experienced Surgeons Admit Hernia Mesh Can Cause Years of Pain

More and more doctors are faced with dissatisfied hernia mesh patients and are admitting hernia mesh failures

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - The Cleveland Clinic (CC) is one of the United State's more popular hernia repair venues. Their philosophy is that the majority of people that have hernias fail to have them immediately repaired because they are not in great pain and also because they fear the pain that major surgery entails. The doctors at CC want people to know not to fear pain because they use the latest in laparoscopy surgical techniques that require only a couple of tiny incisions versus natural tissue repair where the recovery time could last weeks. Doctors at the clinic perform over 3000 hernia repair surgeries per year and can draw from each other's experience to tackle even the most complex hernia situation. The vast majority of hernia repair surgeries are done in this fashion using the latest in hernia repair mesh devices to support the repaired hernia and the abdominal incision. One doctor at the CC hospital, however, is bucking the institute's official pro-hernia mesh policy and warning potential patients that hernia repair surgery using laparoscopy and hernia mesh can cause complications resulting in the patient continuing to experience pain and being infirmed for years. Hernia mesh attorneys represent individuals and families nationally that suffered from hernia mesh side effects and offer a free consultation before filing a claim.

David Krpata, MD., a general surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, confesses that "some patients end up with chronic groin pain that can last for months and is sometimes quite debilitating. It may even interfere with sitting or walking." Dr. Krapata blames synthetic hernia mesh like the ones manufactured by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon as being the main cause of patients chronic pain and disability. In 2016, Ethicon issued a voluntary worldwide market withdrawal of all Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair mesh due to an unusually high number of complaints from hernia mesh patients that required revision surgery. Since then, thousands of hernia mesh patients have had the device removed in order to attempt to alleviate the pain it was causing. The newest trend is for patients that fear the inevitable malfunctioning of the device to have it removes preemptively and to repair the hernia using natural tissue.

In some instances, hernia repair mesh causes life-threatening complications as it migrates throughout the body and lacerates other organs, mostly the bowels lying at the lowest part of the body cavity. There have been reports that bowel perforation has caused feces to leak into the abdomen and hernia mesh patients report throwing up their own feces. As revolting as that may sound it is not the worst-case scenario for hernia repair mesh. Because of the plastic components of the mesh, the device calcifies, hardens and degrades into pieces that scatter throughout the body causing the above-mentioned lacerations and more.

Those who can have their hernia repair mesh removed intact before it causes medical complications are the lucky ones. If you have had to have your hernia repair mesh surgically removed you may wish to speak with a hernia mesh attorney to see if you qualify for monetary reimbursements for your medical expenses, lost wages from being away from work, and pain and suffering.

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