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Europe's Hernia Mesh Scandal

When it comes to labeling the hernia mesh failure European officials are pulling no punches

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - Hernia repair patients in Europe are facing the same types of hernia repair mesh issues that Americans are having to deal with, the source of which have led to thousands of people with hernia mesh problems contacting attorneys to file hernia mesh lawsuits. Doctors in Britain and Scotland claim that up to 30% or approximately 17,000 men and women have reported pain, discomfort, and other symptoms from the mesh device used to repair their hernia. One patient, an ex-naval officer In the British Royal Navy, reports that since his same-day hernia repair surgery, he is experiencing so much pain from an infection that has developed that even liquid morphine cannot help him. Chief Petty Officer David Foulkes Lost a testicle to the Hernia mesh side effects and has been forced to leave his job. He is living on his pension and government income according to a story in Britain's Sunday Post.

Doctors that use the polypropylene plastic hernia repair mesh are at a loss to admit that the hernia mesh device itself could be at the root of the patient's medical problems. As with other medical devices where the physician is being paid by the device's manufacturer, patients are told that they are crazy for accusing them. "I've even been sent to a psychiatrist because I was told my pain was 'all in my head' - just like mesh-injured women were told," according to the Post.

Officer Foulkes has drawn a parallel between his hernia mesh device and other bladder supporting mesh devices such as the transvaginal mesh that has failed in a similar fashion. The transvaginal mesh manufactured by Johnson & Johnson has been the subject thousands of lawsuits resulting in billions of dollars in damages against the company. The transvaginal mesh has been tragically implanted in millions of women who have experienced stress urinary incontinence after childbirth or as a consequence of growing older. It is widely suspected that mesh devices made from polypropylene are attacked when placed inside the human body by the body's natural immune system. When this occurs the strength and flexibility of the polypropylene degrades causing, shrinking, hardening and buckling, causing the device to painfully pull away from away from a hernia or bladder it was intended to support. Sharp jagged edges of the now hardened material can pierce the delicate tissue of the intestines causing lacerations and potential life-threatening blockages. Doctors in the US have reported having to remove a portion of a person's intestines due to lacerations from hernia mesh migration. European government health officials feel the potential for a medical disaster due to hernia mesh is enormous since 5 times as many patients have had the plastic hernia mesh device implanted as has had the malfunctioning transvaginal mesh. European officials are calling for the government to alert the medical community of the failures of the hernia mesh and to suspend hernia mesh procedures immediately and what is being called "one of the biggest medical scandals of modern times."

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