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Europe Is Concerned That Hernia Mesh Can Cause Severe Side Effects

European scientist and doctors feel that hernia repair mesh is a ticking time bomb that can affect hundreds of thousands of individuals

Friday, July 12, 2019 - Physicians in the US are split on the relative benefits versus the risks of hernia repair mesh but their Europeans counterparts are in no doubt. The United Kingdom's respected investigative news source, The Independent, thinks that hernia repair mesh could have potentially life-threatening side effects for a high percentage of those that have had the device implanted. The Independent article entitled "Hernia mesh complications could affect 100,000" goes into detail as to exactly what they mean. People with hernia repair mesh suffer from some form of side effect ranging from mild discomfort to becoming immobile, to having to have revision surgery to attempt to remove the device. Ethicon Physiomesh attorneys are seasoned products liability litigators, pursuing justice on behalf of American families harmed by Ethicon hernia mesh.

Hernia repair mesh removal is difficult and complicated and sometimes the device is not so easy to locate. Hernia mesh may have migrated away from its intended spot above the hernia beneath the abdominal wall and can fall into the abdominal cavity and perforate or otherwise block the bowels causing obstructions and internal bleeding. British surgeons think that hernia repair mesh could result in up to 30% of the half-million hernia mesh patients eventually needing a second surgery to remove the device. Doctors make comparisons with the disastrous transvaginal mesh that left tens of thousands of women in great pain and permanently incontinent.

Hernia repair surgeons that advocate for using hernia repair mesh cite that using mesh decreases the number of hernia reoccurrence but critics think the side effects outweigh the benefits. Hernia mesh can become degraded when attacked by the body's immune system or the mesh can calcify and become hard and brittle. The hernia mesh also acts as an incubator for bacteria and mesh patients experience an abnormal number of infections. Hernia repair mesh is inserted via laparoscopic surgery, however, few doctors have the training necessary to operate the complex microsurgical equipment adding yet another layer of risk to the procedure. Hernia repair mesh patients have reported having to be out of work for years, not weeks as their doctor advertised, due to nerve damage as pieces of the mesh become embedded into tissue around the abdomen. Hernia mesh doctors continue to sing the praises of hernia mesh citing the quick healing time required because of the tiny scar left by microsurgery. On the other hand, doctors performing natural tissue hernia repair feel that the risks of using hernia repair mesh outweigh this benefit.

European doctors make comparisons between hernia repair mesh and the failed transvaginal mesh often manufactured and sold by the same company. Transvaginal mesh was used by doctors to support a woman's pelvic organ and to prevent unintended urination. Like hernia mesh, the device does not stay in place and can cause the similar symptoms as hernia mesh such as "organ damage, infection, debilitating pain, injury to organs and an inability to have sex," according to the Guardian. Transvaginal mesh manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson have paid billions in settlements to women who have suffered from failed transvaginal mesh and Europen experts feel hernia repair mesh is a similar disaster waiting to happen.

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