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Ethicon To Pay $80 Million In Pelvic Mesh Verdict

Ethicon's pelvic mesh devices are substantially similar to their hernia repair mesh

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - According to a piece written the other day in Lawyers And, a groundbreaking verdict has been rendered against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon Inc. in the amount of $30 in compensatory and $50 million in punitive damages. A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania jury awarded Patricia and George Mesigian a total of $80 million for the suffering Patricia endured that was caused by the faulty Ethicon Prolift Pelvic Mesh. It was alleged that the mesh cut into her vagina causing constant pain and bleeding. Over the years that followed, Ms. Mesigian underwent six surgeries in total to remove fragments of the mesh left behind as well as to remove scar tissue. The jury verdict was the eighth against Ethicon for its negligence in bringing the faulty product to market and plaintiffs have been awarded $346 million to date. Attorneys handling hernia mesh lawsuits offer no cost, no obligation physiomesh case review.

Thousands of lawsuits are pending that allege that pelvic mesh products manufactured by Johnson & Johnson are defective and can cause damage to a woman's internal reproductive system. According to Lawyers And Settlements, "In April, the Food & Drug Administration ordered manufacturers of surgical mesh intended for transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse to stop selling their products because there was no "reasonable assurance" that they were safe." Doctors have treated millions of women with the pelvic mesh in order to stop naturally-occurring urinary incontinence due to childbirth. The mesh used which is nearly identical in composition to the hernia repair mesh used again in millions of individual tends to degrade, crumple and buckle when attacked by the body's natural immune system. The National Institute of Health has published papers written by experts in the field that have found that the mesh's polypropylene layer is incompatible with human tissue and the root cause of patients problems in both the transvaginal and hernia repair meshes. In cases where the pelvic mesh has malfunctioned patients have reported internal damage caused by the mesh resulted in permanent and irreversible incontinence in addition to frequent urinary infections, as well as intense bleeding and pain rendering sexual intercourse prohibitively painful. Ethicon Physiomesh

Hernia mesh patients are suffering a similar fate as their transvaginal mesh cousins. In 2016 Ethicon voluntarily removed the Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh completely and permanently from the market due to an excessive number of complaints from patients that required revision surgery. Hernia repair mesh has drawn considerable media attention in England and across all of Europe as hundreds of thousands of hernia repair mesh patients could be at risk of the device malfunctions that could require a series of surgeries to address the multiple complications that the device causes. Once such adverse event type is when the hernia mesh pulls free from its intended site above the top of a hernia and migrates with gravity from the abdomen down to the lower bowels, lacerating them, and causing feces to be released into the abdominal cavity.

The first trial of an Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair device is slated for early February 2020 having been delayed from its original September 2019 date due to challenges to the admissibility of certain expert witnesses and potential improper evidence gather and handling.

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