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Physiomesh lawsuit lawyers answer the most pressing questions and concerns failed hernia mesh victims might have

Friday, July 28, 2017 - If you or a loved one are amongst the 300,000 recipients of the faulty, potentially life-threatening Physiomesh hernia repair mesh marketed by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon, you are rightfully concerned that you may become the company's next victim. Fear of the unknown is one of life's most stressful times and anxiety in and of itself can lead to physical and psychological problems ranging from depression to all out panic attacks. In order to set your mind at ease, our Physiomesh lawsuit attorneys have organized some of the questions that our concerned Physiomesh lawsuit clients have asked and that we have prepared answers for.

First of all, people that have been implanted with the Physiomesh hernia material are curious as to whether or not they qualify to file a Physiomesh lawsuit and the answer is that anyone that has been injured or harmed by the product's side effects or have experienced complications from hernia repair revision surgery may have a case against Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon, the manufacturer of the mesh and J&J subsidiary.

Another question people have is if it will be prohibitively expensive to hire a Physiomesh lawsuit attorney and whether or not they will get their money's worth. Our law firm has been so successful in suing and collecting real monetary damages against major pharmaceutical companies and others in the past that if you have a case we will represent you on a contingency basis and of course there is no legal fee for the initial consultation. Basically, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and many other newer, smaller, less knowledgeable and experienced personal injury law firms can not make that claim. You can sue the company individually as the Physiomesh lawsuits are not part of any class action.

If you have had a Physiomesh hernia repair surgery and are feeling fine that's great, however, part of the recall terms is that the company Ethicon warns that you should be monitored regularly for signs of infection or that the area has abscessed. Because the implant is internal there will not be visible signs that things have gone wrong so you need monitor the area for any pain that it presents and contact your physician immediately.

Finally, there is a time limit called the statute of limitations within which you must file a lawsuit. Since even the first Physiomesh implants were as recent as 2010, almost everyone falls within their state's time limits to file. But you need to call immediately if you experience pain and think something is wrong. Johnson & Johnson has a long history of putting profits ahead of public safety and has a track record of injuring and causing death that would put smaller companies out of business. Our law firm has won hundreds of millions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages against them and we will put our knowledge, experience, and extensive legal resources to work for you.

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