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Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson Inc. Fear a Flood of Physiomesh Litigation

Johnson & Johnson may be looking to limit their legal exposure by voluntarily pulling Physiomesh

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 - Ethicon Physiomesh once considered a breakthrough medical device and used in approximately 300,000 hernia repair surgeries, is now failing in record numbers. As of June of this year, nearly 1000 lawsuits against Ethicon and its parent company Johnson & Johnson have been filed and hundreds have been consolidated in multi-district litigation (MDL). MDL is not the same as a class action lawsuit. MDL consolidates the cases temporarily to avoid repeating standardized procedures and to share the facts amongst the plaintiffs that are uncovered in discovery. Each case in MDL is tried separately. The first Physiomesh trial is scheduled for September 2019. Physiomesh trials prompted a Federal judge to order that patients anticipating filing a product liability lawsuit alert their surgeons prior to Physiomesh removal surgery to preserve samples of Physiomesh removed during hernia revision surgery, and to send the specimens to Steelgate Inc. biomedical storage in Bradenton, Florida laboratory for safe keeping. Physical evidence of the condition of Physiomesh is critical to show the deterioration or disintegration of the device within the body.

Ethicon's Physiomesh hernia repair device was voluntarily and permanently withdrawn from the market globally in response to a large number of revision surgeries that were required, a strange event in light of the tens of millions of dollars of revenue the device was generating to Johnson & Johnson every year. Speculation as to the company's reason behind the recall include comparisons that have been made between Physiomesh and Ethicon's disastrous transvaginal mesh product. Litigation from the transvaginal mesh cost Johnson & Johnson hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and legal costs and it seems as if the company wanted to limit their damages by pulling Physiomesh. The company has taken Physiomesh off of the market permanently and will not attempt to improve and reintroduce the product.

Physiomesh Flexible Composite mesh was intended to permanently sit atop a patient's repaired hernia and provide support. No provisions were ever made nor was Physiomesh's removal anticipated. Instead of a hernia repair procedure that returned the patient to a normal life, Physiomesh has caused crippling pain, inflammation, infections, allergic reactions, organ perforation, and intestinal blockages.

Every day more and more Physiomesh patient are consulting with Physiomesh attorneys to determine if they qualify to join multi-district litigation and file a product liability claim against the company for bringing a faulty medical device to market without sufficient premarket testing. Physiomesh was granted FDA approval in 2010, not based on clinical research, but instead because Johnson & Johnson was able to show that Physiomesh was similar to other hernia mesh products already approved and on the market. Experts believe that the reason for the device's high failure rate could be the polypropylene composition of the device being rejected by the body's natural defense mechanisms. Polypropylene is best known for its strength and flexibility in food packaging and single-use throwaway plastic bags.

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