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England Health Ministries Are Concerned Over A Large Number of Hernia Mesh Failures

Upwards of one in three hernia mesh repair patients over the last six years have reported needing a revision surgery to remove hernia mesh

Thursday, January 10, 2019 - A stunning article was recently published by England's BBC, reporting that complications arising from using hernia mesh in hernia repair surgeries could adversely affect more than 100,000 and possibly as many as 170,000 British citizens. The BBC reports that the complication rate from hernia repair surgery using hernia mesh could be as high as an astounding 30% of England's 570,000 hernia repair patients. Many of the hernia mesh patients have been left in chronic pain, unable to work, and some even unable to stand up or walk. Hernia mesh victims have been rendered unable to live the once active lifestyle they enjoyed.

Hernia mesh has been used in hernia repair surgery in England since 1990 and officials now fear that a cover-up may be in place. England's health officials are quoted as saying that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, England's version of the US Food and Drug Administration, did not do enough to listen to the concerns of hernia mesh patients complaining about the device's adverse health consequences. According to the BBC article, the Royal College of Surgeons continues to support the use of hernia mesh in spite of its failure rate. The Royal College of Surgeons said, "mesh implants were the most effective way to deal with a hernia." Physiomesh problems include pain, infection, hernia recurrence, adhesion, scar-like tissues form, attaching the internal abdominal tissues together, intestinal blockage, bleeding, and perforation of internal tissues and organs.

As in the United States, certain hernia repair surgeons in England saw the potential for hernia repair mesh to do more harm than good and continued to repair hernias with the traditional suture method that had worked so well for decades. Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck was one of those doctors and she told the BBC that she not only continued to perform a hernia repair with the old tried and true suture method, but also has been forced to perform over 3000 hernia mesh removal procedures. The doctor is quoted as saying that nearly 100% of the hernia mesh removal procedure she performed left her patients "pain-free."

Reports from England as well as all over Europe are important as medical devices are manufactured and marketed by international companies that know no borders. In fact, the Ethicon Physiomesh was recently withdrawn from sales by global medical device manufacturer Johnson & Johnson after German hernia complaint consumer watchdog Herniamed announced that they had received an alarming number of requests for revision surgery from those using the Ethicon Physiomesh.

A report registered by the US National Institute of Health clearly blamed hernia mesh failure on the polypropylene component of the device is incompatible with organic tissues in the human body. The device has been shown to degrade, crumple, buckle, harden, and then migrate within the human abdominal cavity before lodging itself in the lowest possible point, the intestines and bowels causing painful lacerations, bleeding and potentially dangerous blockages.

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