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Doctors Should Take Their Patient's Hernia Mesh Complaints Seriously

The rate of hernia mesh complications could be high as those for the transvaginal mesh, a nearly identical medical device

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - Hernia repair patients should be prepared for the worse if their doctor uses surgical mesh during the procedure. The internet is now bursting with thousands of complaints from hernia mesh patients from Europe and the United States and patients are elaborating their surgical mesh horror stories. One hernia mesh patient's horror story is detailed below.

Surgical mesh has two medical purposes. One is to reinforce a woman's urinary organs after childbirth and attempt to fix pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Thousands of women have been injured by surgical mesh used in this fashion as the medical device has migrated from its intended position and ruptured other internal organs leaving women in unbearable pain and incontinent. Surgical mesh used for trans vaginal purposes degrades and can dissolve into multiple pieces making it difficult to retrieve without multiple major surgeries. Hernia repair mesh is made of the same petroleum-based polypropylene material as the transvaginal mesh and sold by the same companies such as Johnson & Johnson who have paid billions of dollars to settle claims from patients that have been injured by the failed medical. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale of transvaginal mesh in April of 2019 and it is feared that hernia repair mesh could be an instant replay of the debacle. Physiomesh hernia repair lawsuits handled by top national attorneys representing families and individuals harmed by Ethicon hernia mesh offer a free consultation and no obligation before filing a claim.

When hernia repair mesh fails it migrates away from its intended place and gravity pulls it down to the bowel area of the body cavity where it can cause obstruction, blockage, and perforations that result in such conditions as "irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), folliculitis, epididymitis, pain when making bowel movements, dysejaculation, and pain that makes sex prohibitive," according to the BBC. These serious medical conditions entail suffering excruciating and constant pain. One patient told the BBC that he has been suffering from these symptoms for a decade, ever since his hernia mesh repair operation, and has had to resort to antidepressant medication. This particular patient expressed the concern that his doctor had dismissed him and not take reports of post-surgical pain seriously. Doctors think that hernia mesh failure rates are only 1-3% yet experts now believe that the number could be as high as 20%. Hernia mesh repair doctors that are confronted with dissatisfied patients normally try and scare the patient out of attempting to remove the mesh, by saying that they can try and remove the hernia repair mesh but that there is no guarantee that the surgery will be successful or not cause other more serious injuries. This particular patient suffered from an inguinal hernia and told the BBC that his doctor said that if he were to attempt to remove the hernia mesh he may have to have his testicles amputated. "The latest surgeon has said almost with a kind of shrug of the shoulders, 'We can try and take it out, but it may cause more damage and the chances are that you could lose your testicles."

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