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Doctors should not be blindly trusted to do what is best for their patients

It is the patient's responsibility to check with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) online to see if there have been excessive complaints about the device their physician is planning to put into their body

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - It is advisable for patients contemplating surgery to consult the FDA's MAUDE online database of adverse event reports before agreeing to hernia repair surgery, or any surgery that uses an implantable medical device. Go to and search for "MAUDE Adverse Event Report: Ethicon Physiomesh" to read the complaints patients have recorded. Physicians are ethically responsible for explaining the potential consequences of Physiomesh so their patient could make an informed decision as is their right. In May of 2016 Ethicon voluntarily and permanently withdrew Physiomesh from the market as a direct result of its high failure rate.

Here is a small sampling of the MAUDE database pertaining to what your physician should have known about Physiomesh and was ethically obligated to explain to you before using the device.

Recurring Hernia/Physiomesh Degradation

A number of Physiomesh patients have required a second surgery to repair a hernia for a second time. In so doing, surgeons have found that Physiomesh has deteriorated and broken apart into pieces. "It was reported that a patient underwent an open incision hernia repair procedure (in) 2011 and mesh was implanted. The patient experienced a recurrent hernia on (later in) 2011 and underwent a second open hernia repair procedure. During the procedure, it was found the mesh had come apart and unraveled."

Physiomesh Migration and Intestinal Blockage

Physiomesh degrades, shrinks, buckles and crumbles into pieces that are free to travel to other areas of the abdominal cavity usually the lower intestines where they can cause perforation and dangerous obstruction." The patient developed a post-operative ileus in 2010 and was treated with nasogastric decompression." Postoperative ileus is defined as the "inability of the intestine (bowel) to contract normally and move waste out of the body."

Infection and Adhesion Another Organ

Physiomesh made from polypropylene degrades when placed within the human body causing painful infections that necessitate revision surgery to remove the device. "... the patient underwent (2nd) surgery for recurrent ventral abdominal wall hernia secondary to disruption of the previous placed mesh and mesh infection. ... complete removal of her previously placed mesh and lysis of intestinal adhesions. (removal of part of the intestines) The patient continues to experience pain, chills, and fever."

Medical device and pharmaceutical company sales representative use legal but unethical payments to incentives doctors to promote their medical device to patients. Such payments are disguised as fees for "education training," and can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Doctors are paid to speak at seminars and to invite medical staff and other physicians. These lightly attended events are little more than medical device sales presentations. Doctors on the company's payroll will tend to use, promote, and defend the device. Ethicon Physiomesh recall is proned to failure and has been taken off the market globally.

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