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Doctors in Great Britain Are Concerned Over The High Rate of Hernia Mesh Failures

If the hernia repair rates that doctors in England are experiencing carry over to the US, thousands of hernia repair mesh patients could require revision surgery

Friday, March 15, 2019 - The human body's internal organs do not simply bleed spontaneously, they have to be torn, ripped or lacerated usually by a foreign object. When a woman experiences internal pain and abnormal bleeding and has had a pelvic mesh or a birth control device implanted into the reproductive system, chances are about 99.9% that the device has migrated to another organ and lacerated it accounting for the bleeding. Also, reproductive organs have a cramping response to the invasion from a foreign object as the organ tries to expel the invader resulting in extreme pain. Men with broken hernia mesh devices are experiencing anal bleeding when their device migrates from the abdominal wall and perforates the bowels. Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuits handled by top national attorneys representing hernia mesh failure cases offer a free no obligation consultation to see if your case qualifies to file a claim.

In Europe, an unacceptably high number of necessary hernia mesh revision surgeries have prompted Ethicon, maker of Physiomesh hernia repair mesh to voluntarily pull its product from the market worldwide. The high rate of hernia mesh failures has drawn the concern of those in the United States as over 700,000 patients undergo the procedure every year. Worldwide close to 20 million hernia surgeries are performed each year. The British Medical Journal is particularly concerned as it is estimated that close to 170,000 hernia repair patients in the UK could now be experiencing serious hernia mesh complication. The investigators have also expressed concern that doctors are unqualified to locate and remove the device properly without breaking it further and leaving even more fragments behind, worsening a patient's situation. Fragments of hernia mesh can become attached to other internal organs like the intestines and become trapped by scar tissue requiring removal of a section of the intestines to get the device fragment. According to the BMJ, "Leading surgeons think that the complication rate is between 12% and 30%, meaning that between 68 000 and 170 000 patients could have been adversely affected in this period."

In spite of the medical device's extraordinary failure rate, doctors continue to embrace using hernia mesh. Doctors cite the fact that hernia mesh has reduced the rate of hernia recurrence significantly and the risks, while they are serious, are worth taking. Administrators at The Australian Board in General Surgery claim that "hernias reoccur up to 70% of the time compared to only 5% with those using the mesh." Some leading hospitals in the US refuse to use hernia repair mesh and think that those that do, do so only because of their lack of skill in using traditional hernia repair techniques. US Senator Rand Paul recently elected to travel outside of the US, into neighboring Canada, to have surgeons perform non-mesh hernia repair. Paul suffered a hernia when he was attacked by his neighbor for allegedly having placed rubbish too close to the property's boundary. Doctors at The Shouldice Institute that treated Paul refuse to use hernia repair mesh unless there is no alternative. In over 70 years of repairing hernias naturally, and tracking their patient's results, doctors at Shouldice have had a very low recurrence rate. The doctors advocate that "At all times the human body tolerates natural tissues best, and hernia surgery is no exception."

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