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Doctors Are Wrong Think Hernia Mesh Has Been Tested And Is Safe

Surgeons that advocate for hernia repair mesh incorrectly assume that the device has been thoroughly tested and is safe

Friday, February 26, 2021 - The legal community is eagerly waiting for the first trial to begin against Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and the maker of the recalled Physiomesh Dual-Sided Hernia Repair Mesh. Plaintiffs allege that the company willfully ignored the risks of hernia mesh and misled consumers. Thousands of reports have come in that hernia mesh failure has caused bodily injuries. Companies like Ethicon have made millions in profits from the hernia repair device without testing it on human beings before bringing it to market. Plaintiffs also allege that the company knew or had an obligation to know that the polypropylene component of the controversial medical device was not permanently compatible with organic tissue in the human body and could deteriorate and degrade to become useless and harmful. Hernia mesh failure attorneys are currently interviewing prospective clients that have had the device implanted in them and have experienced extreme pain that required revision surgery to locate and remove the mesh.

Physiomesh was voluntarily recalled by Ethicon in May of 2016 due to receiving a large number of complaints registered in Europe by Herniamed. Registries like Herniamed have become increasingly important in post-market monitoring of medical devices. Most medical inventions are rushed through the approval process by the US Food and Drug Administration using the relatively new 501k fast-track program. Under the lax new rules, a company can bring a new medical device to market merely by demonstrating to a panel of FDA experts that it is substantially similar to one already on the market, even if the target device has been recalled or subject to lawsuits. Physiomesh patients reported experiencing chronic, recurring pain, infections, inflammation, and the recurrence of their hernia. The National Institute of Health reported that Herniamed's findings were of concern when they wrote: "The recurrence rate of chronic inguinal hernia pain requiring surgery to be greater than 10% of Physiomesh patients." Similar complaints may have been registered online to the FDA's MAUDE medical device complaint database in the United States.

The shortcomings of the FDA's new fast track medical device approval process were brought to the public's attention in the 2018 Netflix documentary "The Bleeding Truth," a must-see for every doctor that advocates hernia repair mesh and any patient to whom the treatment has been proposed. In the film, Dr. David Kessler, FDA Commissioner from 1990 through 1997, explained that doctors misunderstand the process the FDA used in approving medical devices because it is "not their area of expertise." Doctors implanting both vaginal and hernia repair mesh think that if the device had been approved by the FDA it had to have been thoroughly tested. It has never been, and instead, the FDA relies on post-market reports by patients harmed by the device. If you or a loved one have had hernia repair using Phyiomesh and have had to have the device removed, you should speak with a Physiomesh Hernia Repair Attorney to discuss your unique situation as you may qualify to file a claim.

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