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Doctors Are Divided As To Hernia Repair Mesh Safety

Doctors that perform hernia repair using natural tissue repair techniques are in the minority

Thursday, September 12, 2019 - Old school and new school physicians are at odds as to the most effective type of hernia repair. Older more experienced hernia surgeons prefer the open method that requires a long surgical opening and using all-natural tissues to repair the hernia. Newer and younger doctors prefer the high tech approach of using laparoscopic surgery which speeds recovery time because only two small openings are required. Younger doctors also use hernia repair mesh citing the reduction in revision surgeries necessary. Unfortunately for the latter camp, most laparoscopy is performed by surgeons that do not have the 600 plus hours of experience necessary to operated the technologically sophisticated device effectively and can damage organs and tissues as well as ineffectively repair the hernia. Such inexperience and the failure of the polypropylene hernia repair mesh itself could be contributing to the up to 20% failure rate of hernia mesh surgeries. Hernia mesh repair surgeons claim that only 12% of their mesh patients are reporting complications.

A Canadian surgeon at the Shouldice Hernia Repair Institute feels that the risks of laparoscopic surgery using hernia repair mesh are unacceptable. According to, a highly informative publication in New Zealand, "leading Canadian hernia surgeon Robert Bendavid (founder of the American Hernia Society) says a Kiwi counterpart is wrong to say using mesh is safe and effective." Dr. Bendavid reports that hundreds of the nearly 5000 hernia repair surgeries using polypropylene hernia mesh have reported "suffering severe injuries" from hernia repair mesh. Bendavid cites that a substantial number of patients have suffered chronic pain since hernia mesh came onto the medical scene in the mid-1990s. Hernia mesh repair lawsuit attorneys representing families and individuals harmed as a result of Ethicon's defective hernia mesh, you may be eligible for significant compensation through filing a claim.

Dr. Bendavid disagrees with fellow hernia repair surgeon Dr. Steven Kelly writing for New Zealand Medical Journal who stated for the record: "The public needs to be informed that mesh for abdominal wall hernia repair is safe and effective." Dr. Bendavid countered that newer doctors were being used by the companies whose objective is to sell their hernia mesh medical device in spite of the well-known risks. "Despite the risks, the mesh device was used in most hernia procedures as surgeons had been manipulated by the medical device industry and were not trained in non-mesh techniques." Dr. Bendavid pointed out that thousands of patients are currently involved in hernia mesh failure litigation.

It is becoming a well-documented fact that certain medical devices, including the hernia repair mesh, escaped premarket human testing before being rushed to market. According to "In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Safety Communication to warn the public about polypropylene mesh used to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP)." To date, no such warning has been issued about hernia repair mesh that is nearly identical to the transvaginal mesh and is even manufactured by the same companies such as Johnson & Johnson. Experts warn of a pending disaster as hundreds of thousands of patients that were implanted with polypropylene hernia repair devices may experience chronic pain and other complications that require surgery in the coming years.

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